5 Top Social Networking Websites

5 Top Social Networking Websites


Social networking sites are the big buzz around the internet and not only are they great for socializing with friends, but there are hundreds of Internet Marketers using these Websites to promote their online businesses.

However, there are now so many different social networking websites around the internet these days, that the problem many internet marketers face is deciding which ones are the best fit for them.

So in this blog post today, I have compiled a short list of some of the top social networking Websites that you can use to market your business and the more of them you join and use the more potential customers you can connect with.

So lets get started and take a look at some of the best Social Networking websites that in my opinion are very effective at driving targeted traffic to your online business.

1. Facebook

Facebook is obviously at this moment in time the most popular social network site on the internet and has millions of members from all over the world.

With Facebook you can request people to be your friend and so you can search for people interested in your niche, connect with them and start to build a relationship. However, as Facebook is constantly changing the rules on engagement, you need to stay on top of the Facebook Terms and Conditions to avoid having your account closed.

With Facebook you can set up group pages specifically aimed at your target market and invite individuals and businesses within your niche to join and add to any discussions that may be going on.

The most effective way to market your business is to get to know your potential customers on a personal basis before promoting any offers to them, and by connecting with them via Facebook you can do exactly that.

To find out in much more detail about using Facebook to market your online business  take a look at this blog post here.

2. Twitter

Twitter is a website where you can ‘follow’ people.  You can follow friends, family and people that you share similar interests with both personally and from a business point of view.

But to use Twitter for your business you will obviously need to follow people that have similar business interests and are actively already marketing in your niche, or are looking to enter your particular niche. One of the things about Twitter that I like is that there are many tools available, most of them free, that you can use to do some very effective internet market research and therefore only connect with the people and businesses within your niche.

Another word of caution, Twitter is always on the lookout for spammers, so again, make sure you always keep abreast of their terms and conditions, but when used correctly Twitter can be a very powerful internet marketing tool for your online business.

For more detailed information on Twitter as an internet marketing tool for your business, take a look at this earlier blog post.

5 Top Social Networking Websites


3. Squidoo

Squidoo is another popular social networking website where you create ‘lenses’ on which you can write and share information on any topic you choose.

Squidoo lenses tend to rank very well in the search engines so if you create a lens for your business it can rank highly resulting in a lot of targeted traffic coming through to your own website.

You can even promote products as an affiliate using Squidoo although you don’t want to abuse the system and be too salesy.  As long as your lenses are subtle and offer good quality content then Squidoo can be a very effective tool to market products as an affiliate.

4. Hubpages

Hubpages is a social networking website very similar to Squidoo, but instead of creating a ‘lens’ you create a ‘hub’.  You can simply share information on your interests or your business as long as you offer good quality content.

Hubpages can be a very effective method for building backlinks to your own website and driving targeted traffic to your internet marketing business.

5. Tumblr

Tumblr is another site where you create a type of blog that you post content to on a regular basis and share your information across the internet with the other members of the Tumblr community.

With your Tumblr blog you can add video, audio and you can also chat with other members.  You can follow other members and if you are active within the community you will soon have other members following you.  The more members you have that follow you then the bigger customer base you are potentially building for your business.

5 Top Social Networking Websites


So, which social networking sites should you use?

The websites above are just some of the social networking websites available that you can use to promote your business.  There are other sites such as YouTube, Stumbleupon and more.

It is probably only a matter of personal choice as to which one you use so why not try them and see what works for you.  The more social networking websites that you are a member of the more customers you can potentially connect with.

I hope this helps.

All the best

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