Don’t Give Up

I want to admit something… and hopefully, it’ll make you feel better in your daily challenges.

Trust me, EVERYONE, no matter how successful has a series of problems and headaches that they deal with a lot.

I really want you to read my personal story that I’m writing here to you today.

Here’s a personal story of MY PAST STRUGGLES … and please don’t share it with too many people ok?

My tips to overcome any odds

It’s rough out there I know. You’re losing your cool in tough times.
You’re trying to make ends meet, while at the same time, you’re trying to push ahead and be successful at growing your wealth.

I know how you’re feeling….

I know what it’s like to be spending more than you make. I know what it’s like to have your fiance or wife give you that look when you tell her you need to spend another $1,000 or more to start a new project. I know how it feels to be so frustrated that you haven’t “made it” yet that you want to give up and go get that “real job”you don’t want to take.

I know the pain.

I know what it’s like to see millionaire friends not worry about money. I know what it’s like to see your associates who have already “hit their home run” not worry about the economy because they have cash coming in consistently. I know what it’s like to wake up daily and wonder if today is going to be the big day you get an idea to turn it all around.

Welcome to the struggle that 99% of people go through.


But here’s the good news.

There is hope. There is a reason to carry on. You can make it work.
Every single great success story started with the following….

1. We had no money left in our bank account…
2. I was on the verge of giving up….

Sound familiar? We all have our ups and downs.

This is when your passion comes through to save you. That’s when you turn back towards the sun and give it another strategy.

It will happen. You can succeed. You will hit that home run. You may look back at these days years from now and be proud of yourself.

Just do it. Copy my same mindset.

The final element that worked for me was learning how to replicate a system that already works…. something seriously TURN KEY.

Don’t ever waste time re-inventing the wheel or experimenting …
use what WORKS. You never have to harvest the crops that you buy at the supermarket. It’s already done for you to purchase. See my point?

Life is short. Don’t waste it by experimenting.

Read This Great Story.

68-year old Fred Harris recently wrote to me and I wanted to share his brief words with you … he’s one guy who used our system and his story is remarkable.

I was SHOCKED at his background but admired his honesty.

He had been incarcerated for 10 years. He was out for only 2 months and didn’t know what to do for a living. He literally admitted that to me… wow. I couldn’t believe this guy.

He spent a good couple of months wondering around working dead-end jobs. MAXED out on credit cards. Recently, he got his hands on some of my campaigns and NEVER looked back.

If a guy out of jail with maxed our credit cards can turn his life around, then none of us have any excuses. Honestly.

This is my personal story to you –



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