The Kitchen Table Commute

Blog Post updated Feb 14 2017

The Kitchen Table Commute

The Kitchen Table Commute

There’s a lot of misinformation floating around. Especially about starting a business.
Specifically… what is the best KIND to start?

A franchise?

Vending machines?

A restaurant (restaurants have the HIGHEST failure rates)

Something else?

In my opinion… based on training over 100k entrepreneurs around the globe, and talking with every kind of business owner there is… I would say the best kind for the average person (most of us entrepreneurs ARE average, and not formally trained) is what’s called a “kitchen table” business.

So, what is a kitchen table business?

Basically, it’s any business you can do from your kitchen table. That doesn’t mean you HAVE to work at your kitchen table. Just that you should be able to if you had no desk or home office or a lot of room to play with.

The Kitchen Table Commute

The Kitchen Table Commute

Take This One for example:

This is the home based business I use. You can do it pretty much anywhere.

A kitchen table.

In your car on your lunch break at work.

Even while commuting in some cases.

It’s designed for people who hate selling. (You never do ANY personal selling.)

===>To see if you qualify for it, check out<===

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