7 Important Reasons to Build Your List

Post updated 30th Jan 2017

7 Important Reasons to Build Your List.

important reasons to build your list

Building a mailing list is incredibly lucrative, and can mean FANTASTIC success to you and you family, and whilst the subject of list building itself could take up many hours of seminars and training’s, I have attempted to break it down into:

The 7 Important Reasons Why You Simply MUST Build a Mailing List:

Important Reason No 1.

When you have a mailing list YOU control the traffic, and of course once you have a mailing list the traffic is FREE, all you have to do is send an email instructing your subscribers to go to whatever website/affiliate link you like.

Important Reason No 2.

The benefits of LEVERAGE. Having a mailing list gives you INCREDIBLE leverage, because simply by sending out an email to your list (which could be to hundreds of thousands of subscribers) means you are communicating with them at the touch of a button, with NO cost.

Just think about that for a moment, that means that you can have instant access to the pockets or the earning power of your hundreds of thousands of subscribers INSTANTLY, and that can mean FANTASTIC profits.

Important Reason No 3.

Once you have a mailing list you can make cash on demand. What do I mean by this? Well, imagine being able to make $1000, $2000, $3000, even $10000 JUST by sending out an email to your list.


Some of the most successful Internet Marketers can make as much as $100,000 in 3 days by simply sending an email.

The Power AND the Money REALLY IS in the mailing list.

Important Reason No 4.

The majority of businesses make the most profit from existing customers. It is 7 times harder to find a new customer than it is to sell to an existing one. Having a mailing list means you get the opportunity to sell to your customers time and time again.

Is there a limit as to how often you sell to your database?, it depends on the trust you have developed, which dictates how responsive your list is, but in my experience there is no set rule, as long as you are providing value to your subscribers you can continue to sell to them over and over again.

Important Reason No 5.

Your earnings per click can be a lot higher than with cold traffic because you are sending to a list of subscribers who feel that they  know you, they should certainly trust you (if you have consistently provided them with GREAT value).

You get this traffic over and over again, AND on top you should make up to 5 times more money than you will from other traffic sources.

Important Reason No 6.

You can give yourself a pay rise anytime you choose! Every Week, Every Month, Every Year. On average the general rule of thumb is for every subscriber on your list you should be making around 1 dollar per month. So you can see that by continually growing your list, you are increasing your income AND growing your business all the time.

Important Reason No 7.

You can run your business and make money from ANYWHERE in the world. As an internet marketer who is focused on list building, you truly can live the “Laptop” lifestyle, because you can literally run, build your business and make money from anywhere with an internet connection. So having a mailing list = TRUE financial independence and freedom from the rat race treadmill that most people find themselves on.

Finally, a study was done in the USA a few years ago that showed the number 1 reason why people would stop using a particular service, or stop buying a particular product, that reason was “Perceived Indifference”

This means a customers perception that a business does not care about them. So having a mailing list gets rid of that notion by allowing you to stay in touch on a regular basis, by sending regular emails on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis which increases trust and sales.

The Money then is TRULY not just in the list, but in the relationship you have with it and how you nurture it.

All the best.

“Make every Day an AWESOME Day”


P.S. The only question then, is… How many subscribers  do YOU want on YOUR mailing list making you money?  All it takes is for you to assume 100% responsibility for your income, your success & your life…

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