10 Tips for Article Writing Beginners

10 Tips for Article Writing Beginners


This article on 10 Tips for Article Writing Beginners,is written with the Article writing newbie in mind, it is written with the sole intention of providing useful information for anybody who is beginning their own Article writing career. So here goes…..

1. Necessity vs Desire:

Writing Articles and blog posts may not be the most attractive proposition (even to the most experienced writer), however we have to accept that it is necessary to the Search Engine indexing and ranking of our blogs and websites. Unfortunately this is not what the beginner wants to hear either, is it? That’s right! most people from nebies to the m ost experienced writer hate article and Blog writing at the best of times, and some of us dread the journey to pen and paper (or keyboard as the case may be) all the time. Many a webmaster and entrepreneur would call them “a necessary evil” as they are not generally anyone’s favourite thing to do.

2. Just Start, It DOES Gets Easier:

The main thing is that you do actually start. Try to pick a subject of which you have some knowledge (even if you think it is not much) and just start. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy it becomes once the idea begin to flow and you are in the “moment”. Don’t assume everybody knows what you know. They don’t. Will Rogers once said, “all men are ignorant, just on different subjects”.

I know of some authors who really fret about this process, the best thing in my opinion is to lighten up, decide to start where you are right now, once you have your starting point you will find the rest of the article and Blog writing will go fairly smoothly.

3. Does it Have to be Perfect?

As your old English Tutor is probably not watching, then this article or blog post you are writing does not have to be perfect. Of course it needs to be legible and understandable, so grammatically at least it should be correct. Perfection is not the goal and is, in fact, seldom possible. Too much detail and you can run the risk of losing your reader on many levels. Too long, and most readers simply will not read through the material regardless of how important it is to them.

4. Blog Article vs Article Length:

Most publishers on the internet these days, require a minimum of six hundred (500) words per article – some will accept  four hundred (400) words. Blog posts however can be much smaller. Blog posts should also contain appropriate images and embedded links, but a word of warning hear, DON’T over do it. Too many images, too many links can make your blog slow to load, which can have an effect on your blog ranking , and you also risk losing your visitor/reader before thay have even started, and possibly even upset a host who can ban you from their publications. Articles, however, cannot contain these elements according to the requirements of most publishers.

5. Format/Style:

To ensure minimum publisher rejection, make sure you prepare your article in American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) format. if you have a problem doing this then simply search for ‘free ASCII editor’ or for ‘free plain text editors’ and this should will provide you with a multitude of free options. There are many tools you can choose from to get the job done. . WordPress is a popular choice aswell, however if all else fails you can use notepad generally to produce your masterpiece.

6. Grammar and Spelling  :

Once you have written your article or Blog post, make sure you run it through a good spell checker and a good grammar checker. Microsoft Word is a good choice for this, but make sure you don’t use the MS Word copy for publication. Rather use it’s suggestions to make any necessary corrections to your plain text. The MS Word copy will however work on most Blogs. Remember, just like schooldays when you were pushed by your tutors, you will find Article and Blog writing becomes easier with time & with practice.

7. Publish and Announce Automatically:

Once your Blog post is ready, you can use some automatic tools to publish it. First do a search for Blog hosts and select those which best suit your purposes and subject. Join a few and publish your Blog there. Then you can do a serach for Blog announcers and rss announcers to help your blog get noticed. Once you have done that serach for related FREE Article hosting and publishing services and post your articles. This can obviously be quite laborious, so do a Google search for “Automatic Article Posting” and you can publish to hundreds of hosts in an hour or so. This, in my opinion, is the best way to go.

8. Patience:

Now is the time for you to be patient. Most, if not all of the Free Article submission websites or Ezines use real people to review the submitted articles, and generally you will find that this process can take up to 48hrs, however others could be days or weeks , so never date an Article, as this is a sure way to get it rejected.

9. Rejection:

Be prepared to have some of your articles rejected, but DO NOT take it personally. It usually has little to do with you or your article. Some databases routinely reject articles for spelling errors especially when there is more than one way to spell a word. And, just as in any other endeavour some hosts are simply get too far behind.

Remember, just as in everything else in life, for every rule there is an exception

10. Keep the faith, and keep Writing Those Articles:

Since most authors, especially the beginners, expect instant results,it is important to keep the faith. That will obviously become easier as more and more of your articles are accepted and published, driving visitors to your website while creating those all important back links.

Finally, one BONUS TIP for you: Along with “the rejection” usually comes a suggestion on how to “fix” your article. Please don’t waste your time. As various Article submission sites publishing guidelines can differ enomously, while trying comply with one you could have written a new article from which you get much more punch. Enough publishers will pick your article up so move on and save yourself some time and heartache.

Everybody has a thought or idea at least once a day usually at the most inopportune time. How many good ideas have you lost because of waiting? Don’t procrastinate! Go! Capture that thought before it is gone forever.

All the best.

“Make every Day an AWESOME Day”

Jon Leuty
Online Marketing Specialist
Empower Network

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