The Best Way To Optimise and Market Your YouTube Video in 6 Easy Steps

The Best Way To Optimise and Market Your YouTube Video in 6 Easy Steps

This article will show you how to market and optimise your YouTube video so that it has the greatest impact on your business. Having your video ranking highly on YouTube, and therefore Google (as Google owns YouTube) as you can imagine, is a massive advantage, especially when you consider that your YouTube video can rank very quickly for your keywords (sometimes only a matter of a few days) as opposed to the months and months it can take to rank for the same keywords in the traditional way. (Blogging, Articles, Backlinking etc).

Step No 1: How to Upload Your Video to YouTube:

This first step is really quite easy, as all you need do is simply login to your account at and click the upload button. If you don’t yet have a YouTube account you can create one from your Google account by logging in and following the instructions.

Some video creation software will even allow you to upload direct from the software itselfwithout having to login, but that’s for another article.

Once you are logged in you will be presented with several options as to where you want toupload from , whether it be a location on your local hard drive, a live webcam recording or even to set up a Google hangout.

Step No 2: How to Optimize your title:

a) Make sure your video raw file ( the title of your video file on your hard drive ) is the same title you will use on YouTube. For example, if your keyword phrase is “Make Money Online” Then your raw video file should be named “” or whatever the proper format is.

b) Your video title must contain the keywords you are trying to rank for, but you can also use an SEO tactic called “Video Title Stacking”. What this means is you list your keywords twice in the title with a subtle variation. So using the example above your video title could be “Make Money Online With This Easy Online Money Making Expert Strategy” When you combine both of the above title strategies you achieve a very powerful boost to your SEO.

Step No 3: Adding Tags to Your Video Description:

This is a really sneaky but simple step, and VERY effective. Just go to YouTube, search for your keyword term, find the top 3 videos and simply copy all the tags. Doing this eliminates all of the guesswork out of tagging your video and you are using tags that are proven to be the ones that Google likes the best for this category/topic. And remember this is perfectly legal as all of the tags are public.

Step No 4: Video Description Tips and Tricks:

The very first thing you should have in your description is your website/Blog/affiliate link, which must be clickable. To make it a clickable link include the entire URL starting with http://

Next, make sure your video description includes a liberal sprinkling of your tags and keywords. I have found that the best way to achieve an optimum video description is to use the same voice-over script I have used to record the video in the first place, but this only works if the script was well written originally.

Finally, when your video has been uploaded and posted, you should copy the actual video URL and add it to the very end of your video description. This tactic works because of automated content sites and aggregators, who are constantly scraping and posting content which includes the URLs. ( Amazing I know, but this REALLY does work ).

Step No 5: Video Annotations:

One of the latest options given to you by YouTube, is the ability for you to add Captions and Annotations throughout your videos. This is very easy to do, just follow the instructions within YouTube ( Click on the plus sign on the right handside, it’s EASY ).

I have found that the best thing to write in an annotation is a simple call to action, such as ” For More Information About Making Money Online, Click the Link Below the Video”.

Step No 6: Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation:

Ok, you’ve now created your video, uploaded it to YouTube, written your description and tagged it. So What’s next? Off-page SEO is….that’s what!

So what do I mean by off-page SEO? Well, here’s what you do!

a) Go to

b) Find an expert who specialises in YouTube SEO, and get him to distribute your Video.
( The Key to this point is to make sure the postings include a link to your main YouTube video page – NOT your homepage )

c) Find the top 3 back link pyramid experts ( by gig rating ) and provide him with your Youtube video URL.

d) Do the same as c) but for back link wheel this time.

By utilising the advice contained in this article, you should now be able to create watchable, engaging and very powerfully optimised YouTube videos. Which will enable you to send your videos surging up through the Google rankings to utterly dominate your niche, and decimate your competition.

But you know what the really amazing thing about this strategy is?, it’s how fast you cando this. So, use these strategies TODAY, and you may find your video at No 1, sooner than you think.

“Do it”

“You’re awesome”

“Let’s DO this”

“Make every Day an AWESOME Day”

Jon Leuty
Online Marketing Specialist
Empower Network

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