How to Drive Traffic Using Blog Comments in 6 Easy Steps

How to Drive Traffic Using Blog Comments in 6 Easy Steps

There are many ways in which you can drive traffic to your website or blog, but one of the most effective is blog commenting.  In effect this simply means leaving comments on other peoples blogs.  The problem is, however, that most marketers simplify it too much and think that all they have to do is to leave meaningless and empty 2 or 3 word comments on posts of blogs in their niche just to get a few paltry clicks from passing traffic.

If you already have a blog, then I am sure that just like me, you probably get these comments all the time and are left wondering why the particular marketer/blogger/commenter would even bother, because, again just like me, I bet you simply delete the comment anyway as they are usually just a blatant plug for some product or other and add absolutely nothing to the conversation.

Drive Traffic Using Blog Comments

Most serious marketers and bloggers provide great content and are committed to providing massive value to their subscribers and readers, so therefore, they only value comments that are on topic and either enhance or add to the particular conversation. So to get your comment approved and published,  any comments you make should
continue the conversation started by the blogger in the first place.

You could actually say therefore, that the secret to driving traffic using blog comments, is to establish meaningful relationships through relevant comments on the blogs in your niche.

So Here’s The 6 Easy Steps You Can Use to Drive Traffic Using Blog Comments: 

1. The best way to find relevant blogs and posts on which to comment is to find them using blog-specific search engines, such as Google Blog Search, Technorati, Blog Catalog, and Ice Rocket.

When you search, make sure that any blog you choose is read by your target market and NOT by your peers. Also, only pick blogs that already get a fair amount of traffic (as determined by Google Page Rank or Alexa ranking), and are currently already getting a number of relevant comments.

2. Carefully pick your posts. Once you have identified 15-25 blogs that are relevant to your niche/target market, you will need to identify the posts that contain the most relevant content, as not all of them will, at this point you need to be steadfast and picky, to ensure you ONLY choose the best and most relevant posts.

3. Strategise your research properly. Driving traffic using blog comments, is a strategy that works best if you do all of your searching in one go, then all of your commenting in one go as well. So you would open a number of posts before you read and decide to make a comment.

4. Always use the same commenting format. Consistency is important here for you to gain some authority in your niche. So make sure you brand yourself by always using the same name and contact details.  Most importantly, when leaving a blog comment make sure it adds to the post or conversation that is happening, never, ever write things like “nice blog” or “great post” — as these comments are simply a waste of everybody’s time.

5. Back Links to your site. Whenever you make a comment ALWAYS include a link back to your blog or website, but to get the most benefit from the links, make sure you link to a different page, and not simply your home page. You might link to an offer page, a blog post, or a related article you have written for instance. But please ensure if you do, that it supplies additional information to the reader.

6. The more comments you can leave the better the results. More comments equals more back links, which in turn equals more traffic for you. So, if you can, leave at least 5 comments a day twice a week. But remember this is not cast in stone, so simply put, set yourself a high goal and do it every day, but NEVER less than mentioned previously.

So to summarise: Driving traffic using blog comments is a VERY effective strategy and should be a regular marketing activity. It’s best done on a daily basis, as in just 30 minutes a day, you could easily add 3 to 5 comments to other blogs in your niche, giving you 15 – 25 new high quality back links per week, resulting in hot, direct targeted traffic visiting your business every day, and THAT’S GOT TO BE a good thing.

“Do it”

“You’re awesome”

“Let’s DO this”

“Make every Day an AWESOME Day”

Jon Leuty
Online Marketing Specialist
Empower Network

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