10 Top Article Marketing Tips to Explode Your Traffic

10 Top Article Marketing Tips to Explode Your Traffic

10 Top Article Marketing Tips to Explode Your Traffic

When I first started article marketing I became increasingly frustrated, this was mainly because my content never seemed to make it out into the great big worldwide web where it needed to be to generate traffic.

However, over time, I have refined my article marketing techniques to such a level that I now know that by following some simple article writing and article marketing techniques every time, I can bring an almost immediate explosion of traffic to my websites and blogs.

So I thought it would be a good idea to share my methods and hopefully generate the same results for others, so here goes……. Follow these tips and you should begin to see some results from your article marketing efforts:

10 Top Article Marketing Tips to Explode Your Traffic

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Tip No 1.

1. Value and content is king of the internet.

So make sure you provide value to your readers. You may be the best marketer on the planet, but if you don’t provide valuable information within your articles then nobody will read them. So tip No 1 is simply to make sure you have your reader in mind when writing.

Tip No 2.

2. Don’t write an essay!

Most people who are looking for information on a particular subject on the InternetARE NOT looking for an English essay spread over 10 or more pages. So your articles need to be short and straight to the point. Most of my articles tend to be about 600 words or less in length.

Also, each sentence and paragraph needs to be kept reasonably short. I would recommend paragraphs of no more than 5 lines of text. Using bold font and italics to spice up your content is also a great trick as it gives your readers the option of skipping directly to the section of the article that contains the most interest to them.

Tip No 3.

3. Picking the Right keywords:

Achieving a high search engine ranking for a particular keyword phrase is, or should be, one of your main goals in writing your articles. Mostly it’s about finding a keyword phrase that gets searched for often, but does not have too much competition, so long tail keywords consisting of 5 words or more are best for this.

You can use Google’s free keyword tool for this. Placing your keyword phrase correctly within your article is also very important and literally can be the difference as to whether your article ranks highly or not. So use the following placement rules to ensure the right effect:

a) Your Article Title Should Contain Your Keyword Phrase.

b) Your keyword phrase should be in the first sentence.

c) Your keyword phrase should be in the 3rd or 4th paragraph.

d) Finally, ensure you include your keyword phrase in the last sentence.

Just one last tip on keyword placement, make sure your article IS NOT keyword stuffed. That is,  just random placings of your keyword throughout your article even if they make no sense. This is one sure way to have your article de-indexed by Google, which sort of  defeats the object, and will make your article marketing efforts a waste of time.

10 Top Article Marketing Tips to Explode Your Traffic

10 Top Article Marketing Tips to Explode Your Traffic

Tip No 4.

4. Your Article Headline and Summary:

I bet you there have been hundreds of times when you opted NOT to read something because your initial interest was not sparked by the headline or introduction.

There is a great movie starring Alec Baldwin and Jack Lemon , amongst others, called Glengarry Glenn Ross (Well worth watching). In which Alec Baldwin plays a Top Sales Manager giving a Sales training presentation and he talks about A.I.D.A.

A- Attention.
Your Article headline MUST command the attention of it’s intended reader.

I- Interest. Your Article summary MUST spark and cultivate your readers interest in the subject matter.

D- Desire. Your Article content MUST play on the desires of the person or persons reading it. So make sure (going back to Tip No 1) that your articles are always written
from the point of view of your readers.

A- Action. Make sure your article leads your reader into taking the action YOU want.

Whether that be leaving a name and email address or purchasing through an affiliate link. Whatever you want them to do your article should lead them there.

Tip No 5.

5. A Positive “Call-to-Action”

Almost all of the FREE article submission websites give you the opportunity to insert you author biography at the end of your article. This is superb real estate for you to take full advantage of.

So within your bio you can tell your reader exactly what you would like them to do next. Such as visit your website, click on an affiliate link or sign up for your newsletter. Whatever you decide, make sure it is clear and concise.  Don’t waste this opportunity.

10 Top Article Marketing Tips to Explode Your Traffic

10 Top Article Marketing Tips to Explode Your Traffic


Promoting Your Article:

Tip No 6.

6. Blogging:

You will struggle to find a greater long term traffic generation strategy than Blogging. A Blog can serve as your content and article home. As it gives you the  freedom to add banners, videos, opt-in forms, graphics, etc. which can create for you a very powerful lead generation tool.

A blog is also a great way to brand yourself, and can quickly establish you as an expert within your field. Blogs are also very popular with search engines such as Google, as they can be very dynamic, that is always changing and constantly being refreshed with new and relevant content.

Blogs quite often can rank exceptionally quickly since they can contain a lot of keywords and are usually updated often. I recommend updating your Blog daily, or at the very least 3 times a week.

Tip No 7.

7. Article Syndication:

Onlywire.com is a top article and Blog syndication service that once set-up, automatically sends your article to all of the most popular social bookmarking websites including twitter, digg, and others.

Tip No 8.

8. Facebook:

If you are not using Facebook as a marketing tool, you are living in the dark ages, and will be left behind by your competitors, so if you don’t have a Facebook account already, NOW is the time to get one. Head on over to Facebook.com and follow the simple instructions to open your FREE account.

It’s certainly a great place to network, but also to promote your content FREE. So once you have opened your account join as many Facebook groups in your particular niche as possible, and begin to establish relationships with the group members. Eventually you will be able to share your content with thousands of people interested in your content.

But remember that Facebook is a Social network, so it is important that you build relationships first, then start marketing.

Tip No 9.

9. Sending to your email List:

If you have an email list, then an obvious thing to do is to send out your article to that list. If you are not building an email list, then YOU REALLY SHOULD CLICK HERE for some valuable list building advice.

Tip No 10.

10. Become a Tribe member:

This is reasonably new to the Internet. Essentially, you can gain massive exposure to your article by becoming a tribe member.

The simple way this works fascinates me, basically everyone shares each others content which provides a win-win situation for all involved. One of the top tribes is Tribe Pro.

So that’s it guys, I hope you get value from my 10 Top Article Marketing Tips to Explode Your Traffic.

All I can say is, if you combine the above tips with some other top traffic generation strategies (You can find more tips here) you will explode your business quickly, but more importantly you will be building for the long term.

All The Best.



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