Is Your Internet Marketing Business Producing Results

Is Your Internet Marketing Business Producing Results?

There are many things that can distract your focus and lead to poor internet marketing results, so in this article I will talk about how you can be productive and use your time more efficiently.

I have heard this following statement from hundreds of clients ” I seem to be working very hard on my internet marketing business, yet when I look back at the work I have done, it feels like I haven’t actually achieved anything worthwhile”.

The problem you see, is this:

Some of the things that distract you can easily be perceived as tasks to do with your internet marketing business. For example, it is easy to believe that the surfing and email reading you are doing is a vital task for your business, when in reality it is not! It is simply a means of being busy,  and being busy is not necessarily being productive.

So, are there tasks that you enjoy doing every day, you know, those tasks to do with your internet marketing business that you really enjoy and spend the bulk of your time doing? I bet there are, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself whether those particular tasks are beneficial to your business to the exclusion of others?

Let me explain a little further, some activities may not seem urgent to you but in reality they can actually increase your results. So simply by reflecting on your performance every single business day, you can, in the long term, improve efficiency and optimise your performance. Yet, if I were to ask you whether this simple practice of daily refelection was a vital task to perform for your internet marketing business, you would probably say no!

So this is likely to be one of those activities that we would put to the bottom of the pile because our perception of it’s importance is all wrong.

Is Your Internet Marketing Business Producing Results

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Instant results vs Long Term Results.

Instant Results.

Some business activities can produce relatively fast results. These tend to be the things that motivate you to do more simply because you can see the results quickly. A  good example of this within the internet marketing business arena, would be this article.

I have written this article as a means of driving traffic, and I know I am being productive because: Article marketing works: I enjoy doing it: I can measure my productivity (I look to write at least 3 articles per day) and I can see the results fairly quickly (sometimes only days to achieve a top Google ranking), dependant on the keywords I am targeting.

Long-term results.

Some tasks that we perform to improve our internet marketing businesses, can be regarded as long term tasks. Such as website or blog SEO strategies like linkbuilding and blog commenting. These tasks have a long-term effect on our achievements, but can sometimes be rather difficult to implement regularly, simply because we do not see instant results.

So these tasks tend to be the tasks which you procrastinate on , and easily become demoralised, because the results take time to make themselves visible. Sometimes the time delay can be so long that you can easily forget that you have even performed the task inthe first place.

Is Your Internet Marketing Business Producing Results

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So in short the simple answer is this:

In order to be productive and to achieve the best for your internet marketing business, you need to work at both instant and long term tasks, as in many ways performing long term tasks can be more important than those that produce the instant results, but to remainmotivated to do both, you need to measure your results, and that is a subject in itself, which is covered by other articles in this series, which you can find here on my blog.

All the best.

“Do it”

“You’re awesome”

“Let’s DO this”

“Make every Day an AWESOME Day”
Jon Leuty
Online Marketing Specialist
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