How to Create a Successful Life in 6 Easy Steps

How to Create a Successful Life in 6 Easy Steps

How to Create a Successful Life

How to Create a Successful Life

Many people believe that they are not creative, but in reality EVERYBODY is. The problem is that throughout our lives we are constantly told to be “normal”, or “be like everybody else” and the truth is, that’s the last thing that we should strive to be.

Now what happens is, that if we are told we are not creative, often enough, then we will probably end up believing it.  As a result of this,  our natural creative instincts become suppressed, and guess what, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as we cease creating.

However there is a way out, simply by following the instructions in this article you CAN learn how to create a successful life in 6 easy steps.

So let’s begin with Step 1.

Constantly Ask Questions – make sure you question absolutely everything as much as you possibly can. As a matter of interest, did you know that the word “question” actually comes from the Latin root quarerere, which means “to seek”, and is the same root as the word
for “quest”.

So if you consider that a creative life is a continuous quest, then asking probing questions is paramount to your growth, so never take anything for granted. After all, there is only ever one dumb question, and that is “why didn’t I ask that question”

The following is a list of questions you could ask in every day life:-

•Why am I doing this job?

•Do I like what I do?

•How can I spend more time with my family?

•What talents can I cultivate and mature?

•What would happen if I got up out of bed an hour earlier everyday?

•What new habit could I adopt everyday to improve my life?

•What if I stopped watching Television every night?

Obviously the questions in the above list are only suggestions, but hopefully you get the picture. The thing is, if you sat down and REALLY thought about this, you would probably come up with a very long list of creative life changing questions to ask yourself. It is also very important at this stage that you DON’T censor yourself, it doesn’t matter how stupid or outrageous your question appears to be, because this allows you to reveal some pretty useful insights about yourself that otherwise could remain hidden.

So be open and honest. Remember this , your future could depend directly upon how well you question your beliefs,  your values, your goals, and your way of life. So asking the right questions is crucial for  you to develop your creative life in the way you desire.

How to Create a Successful Life

How to Create a Successful Life

How to Create a Successful Life in 6 Easy Steps – Step 2.

Think up lots of ideas – Linus Pauling , the Nobel Prize winning Chemist said “The best way to get a good idea is to get lots of ideas”. If you only come up with the one solution to a particular problem, then you only have one course of action to take. And in today’s world of multiple choice and flexibility this can be risky.

However, the one question one solution approach is very deeply ingrained in our thinking, so too often when we look for a solution, we take the first answer that we find. So begin to train your mind to look for multiple solutions, open up your creative mind, looking for a second, third or fourth answer stimulates our creative energies and more often than not, it is the second or third solution, the one that may be a little outside the box, that is the precise answer we are looking for.

So now, if you find yourself thinking that there’s only one solution available, gently remind yourself that you are not being creative enough.  Life is filled with a never ending stream of choices, options and solutions, and you can create more of these by opening up your thinking.

Step 3.

You can use your imagination – Remember you can achieve ANYTHING. Belief is the key here.  Whatever you believe and conceive with your mind, you can achieve in your life. Stella Mann once said “If you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hands”. You see, our imagination is not bound by real world constraints, rules or regulations. Our imagination knows NO limits.

Our creative imagination helps us to visualise different scenarios and results, therefore when you learn to control this creative power you actually learn how to control and change your life, and there are 2 very simple ways in which you can use your imagination to help you to come up with new ideas, these are as follows:-

•Imagine how others would do it. – Pick a role model, somebody you would like to emulate. It can be somebody living or dead, somebody you know or somebody you have never met. Now,  imagine this person is in your position, faced with the same challenges as you. What would this person do? How would this person go about trying to find a solution to your particular problem?  This process can be of absolute supreme importance in helping us to move out of our comfort zone, thereby providing us with options we initially won’t have even considered.

•Imagine this person conversing and advising you – This technique is actually quite simple. It involves you simply imagining yourself having a real conversation with a person you respect and trust, and then listening and understanding the advice that person gives to you. Over the years, many corporate executives and successful athletes have used this technique with great effect, but does it REALLY work? Well, Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich” said, “using this technique helped me solve all of my most challenging problems”, and it also helped him to become a very wealthy man indeed.

How to Create a Successful Life

How to Create a Successful Life

How to Create a Successful Life in 6 Easy Steps – Step 4.

Actively be an explorer – Now, it’s one thing to be open to new ideas and solutions, but it’s quite another to be seeking them out. An explorer will diversify. Almost all of the most significant advances in technology, art, education and science have come from someone exploring areas and ideas that most people had thought were either dead and buried, or did not exist at all.

Explorers are not afraid of the unknown, they know that success doesn’t always come from following in the footsteps of others, but in finding their own way, so they forge ahead, always aware, always looking.

Step 5.

Break Rules and Habits. – Being creative often means changing the way you do things. Einstein once said “Doing the same things the same way over and over again and expecting different results, is the definition of insanity”. There is no virtue in doing things the way they have always been done. So throw out your old ideas, initiate a revolution in your life, and break some rules, you know it is the right thing to do.  And now is the time, don’t be afraid, make that change, you will find you are much the better for it.

How to Create a Successful Life in 6 Easy Steps – Step 6.

Nurture Your mind – In this new economy people are learning to balance their work and their leisure time much more effectively.  When you value your creativity you learn to stimulate the person inside, your spirit if you like, and fun and relaxation are great for this.

Almost all of the great achievers in history have reported their greatest breakthroughs and discoveries after taking time out for meditation, contemplation and relaxation. This is because your subconscious mind works best when you are relaxed, and in a quiet place. How many times have you been searching for an answer to a problem, when it suddenly comes to you during a moment of relaxation, when you are consciously not even thinking about it.  This is your subconscious mind at work.

A stimulated and relaxed mind is much more receptive and open to new ideas and new habits. But if you ever find yourself feeling guilty about having all this fun and relaxation, just remind yourself that you are “nurturing your mind”

That’s it then, I hope you find this article useful, but more importantly I hope you takesome time to learn these techniques, because if you do, you will soon learn how to create a successful life, for yourself.

All the best.



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