How to Build Your Network Marketing Business with Attraction Marketing

How to Build Your Network Marketing Business with Attraction Marketing

Are you sick and tired of chasing your friends?  Do you get the feeling at every family get together that nobody wants to sit next to you for fear of being pitched on your Network Marketing business opportunity YET AGAIN?

If you answered YES to either of the above questions, you are NOT ALONE! Traditional Network Marketing recruiting techniques are DEAD!

No longer do you need to hang around shopping malls handing out hundreds of flyers to every passer-by you can make eye contact with, no longer will you feel the need to make friendly conversation with everybody within 3 feet of you, because……with the exponential growth of the internet you can ditch ALL of these outdated methods and use the system that attracts prospects to you in abundance, ATTRACTION MARKETING!

So what exactly is Attraction Marketing?

So what exactly is Attraction Marketing

Well, Attraction Marketing will change your Network Marketing business beyond recognition. No more rejection, prospects come to YOU. YOU become the expert, YOU become the leader, YOU can recruit almost at will if you get the attraction marketing formula right.  So  take note as I reveal the attraction marketing formula that ANYBODY can use to grow their network marketing business to a level that they previously would NEVER have thought possible, using just 4 simple steps.

How to Build Your Network Marketing Business with Attraction Marketing – The 4 Simple Step Strategy.

Imagine ONLY dealing with ‘pre-qualified’ prospects. People who are actively looking for network marketing business opportunities.  People who may already be in the business but
are struggling, now imagine having the skills and knowledge to effortlessly attract these prospects to you….. Now read on as I explain in 4 simple steps how YOU and ALL of your team members can use this attraction marketing  formula to become network marketing masters!

Step No 1.

Make it Easy for others who are struggling with Their Network Marketing Business to Find YOU!

Leads are the lifeblood of your network marketing business. However, this is the one area that causes 99% of network marketing novices to give up in the first 90 days. So get your content out there, write your articles, do your Blog posts, create and upload your videos, by doing this you will literally guide your prospects to the solution they are looking for, YOU become the perceived expert.  Then, simply ask the right questions (which you can do via e-mail, but more about that later)

Ask questions like:

– Are you struggling to get traffic and leads to your opportunity?

– What is your biggest problem?

– How long have you been using the internet for your marketing?

– How many daily leads do you talk to?

You see, by asking the above questions, (and others which I discuss in further articles) you will discover their pain, and be able to  offer the solution they need. You will soon understand how you can EASILY create a network marketing dynasty when you show
others how THEY can easily begin to generate 50-100 leads per day into their businesses.

Step No 2.

Become a Network Marketing List Builder.

How to Build Your Network Marketing Business with Attraction Marketing

Having an automated marketing system in place and offering fantastic value to your opt-ins, will ensure you continue to grow your marketing prospect database, (this should be a fundamental part of your business growth strategy), and the perceived value you promised at the opt-in stage is what attracts your leads in the first place. But while an effective attraction marketing system uses proven sales letters, lead capture pages (AKA squeeze
pages) and auto-responders, don’t neglect the human aspect.  Personal follow up STILL plays a vital part in the attraction marketing formula, and in a lot of instances can be THE

Talk to your prospects. Do regular team building sessions. Direct them and coach them through value-driven communication on social media platforms, personal emails, coaching. Build and develop your personal working relationships with your team members, and teach them how to do the same.

Step No 3.

Become a Network Marketing Team Builder.

Let’s face it, building a network marketing business means that you have to build a team of people who can do the same as you (assuming you are using a duplicable system) This means retaining and training YOUR leads and team members. So you should develop trainings, host webinars and maintain their motivation with personal video messages, weekly training calls, and provide more relevant content and marketing techniques. This is where you should invest your time, if you want to build a great team.

You can do this by Offering:

– Simple reports,

– Ebooks,

– Training,

– and new marketing tools to your list.

Communicate with your prospects and team members using automated online methods. Follow-up by answering their questions. Also don’t forget to continually educate yourself, read about different leadership techniques and skills that will help you to coach and motivate  the many different personalities you will meet. Remember that network marketing success is all about YOU being able to duplicate YOUR success through your team members, and the more success your team has the more success you will have aswell.

Let’s also not forget that once you are having success using this attraction marketing formula, you will be able to ask for testimonials and success stories from your team, to provide more proof of your leadership and success, which in turn will attract even more prospects to YOU.

Step No 4.

Become an Attraction Marketing Master.

How to Build Your Network Marketing Business with Attraction Marketing

Almost all Network marketing experts know that they should be providing value driven solutions to the market place and creating multiple streams of income at the same time. Attraction Marketing allows you to create multiple streams of income by focusing on building your email list, generating leads and making money EVEN if they don’t join your primary business opprtunity.

By using the attraction marketing formula, you can create cash on demand because as you build trust with your prospects and team members, they will act on recommendations from you, which can earn you affiliate commissions for any other products you may promote. But a  word of caution here, to truly build their trust, only recommend products or services which you currently use, or have first hand knowledge of, as you MUST NOT forget that you are trying to help them succeed with their network marketing businesses.

So, if your intention is to build your network marketing brand  online, and to generate an
unending stream of hungry prospects, and continually build on the relationships
and connections you have attracted,  value-driven attraction marketing on the internet is the way  to go if you truly want to build your network marketing business to astronomical levels.

Remember this, people don’t join the company, they join YOU.

Best Regards


Jon Leuty is a successful internet marketer who is dedicated to helping others succeed online. To find out more about Jon and to grab some awesome FREE training & FREE gifts CLICK HERE

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  1. Ram Adavan
    Twitter: cheaperthanchip

    Jon, nice article. However, I would like to say something. What network marketers lack is “awareness” and “patience”. Many of them who join the network are in a hurry to make money. What they don’t understand is “they have work hard now to reap the benfits later”

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