8 Simple Steps to Generate a $100,000 Per Year Affiliate Marketing Business

8 Simple Steps to Generate a $100,000 Per Year Affiliate Marketing Business

8 Simple Steps to Generate a $100,000 Per Year Affiliate Marketing Business

So, why is it that most affiliate marketing businesses make less than $100 per month while the top affiliate marketers consistently make over $10,000 per month?  Well the simple truth is, most affiliate marketers are not willing to put in the necessary effort to achieve those results.  Most are looking for the get-rich quick schemes, which in most cases simply DO NOT work.  However, there is good news for those affiliate marketers who are willing to get down into the trenches and actually do some work.

Anybody can become a successful affiliate marketer today by following these 8 simple steps: I will say at this point, that these 8 simple steps are often neglected but are immensely powerful once applied, so read on:

8 Simple Steps to Generate a $100,000 Per Year Affiliate
Marketing Business

1. Choose Your Niche.

Multiple sources of income is a common phrase on the internet these days, and whilst it is obviously a good idea to have many different income streams,  it is all too easy to become embroiled with the idea of multiple streams of income, but when you are first starting out on the affiliate marketing route, it is essential that you first identify the niche you are interested in then focus on this niche until you are achieving some success BEFORE looking at the next.

You see the initial success of most affiliates came from the niche they first started out in,  and it is most certainly true that if you find yourself a profitable niche, you can make a boat load of money.  As an affiliate marketer the best way for you to begin your journey is to research a market or a topic of interest to you. Then identify if there are people actively looking for a solution to a problem within that particular area of interest or niche.  It will then be your job as an affiliate to provide that solution.

2. Build Yourself A Simple Affiliate Website

Once you have identified your niche, and more importantly established that there is money to be made within it, the next thing to do is to establish your presence online by putting up a simple website.  Now I know for the new affiliates that this can sound a little daunting, but these days ANYBODY can have a website up and running within a few hours if you can type and use programs such as Microsoft Word.  The building of a website is
outside the scope of this article, but check out my previous blog posts for more info on this subject.

Once your website is built, you need to then begin the process of adding content, again this can be quite easy once you know how and you can find out how I do it by joining my FREE email newsletter to the right ===> of this post.

In a nutshell though, make sure your content is top quality, because in the internet and affiliate marketing world content really is King.

8 Simple Steps to Generate a $100,000 Per Year Affiliate Marketing Business

8 Simple Steps to Generate a $100,000 Per Year Affiliate
Marketing Business

3. Build Your Email List.

The money is in the list. You hear this ALL the time on the internet. But in reality the money is in the relationship you build with your list.  This relationship starts with you GIVING AWAY quality content in exchange for somebody’s name and email address.

You can achieve this in a number of different ways (all the different marketing methods are covered by our training programs) but for the purposes of this blog post we are talking about FREE quality content offered by you on your simple website.  The content you provide at this point should basically be tempting enough for your readers to want to know more.

Then by providing a simple opt-in email webform (like the one to the right ==>) on every page of your website you will make it relatively easy for your visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter or marketing tips on the subject of interest.  For more info on opt-in forms request my FREE training to the right==> or complete the contact form below
this post.

4. Publish Lots of QUALITY Free Content

I know I have said this already once or twice, but I really can’t emphasise this enough, your content must be relevant and high QUALITY or you will be wasting your efforts.  And subsequently, the information you supply in your emails and newsletters must be of equal high quality or you will find your subscribers unsubscribing very quickly.

If you ALWAYS under promise and over deliver you will soon have your list building quickly,  and consequently you will also be building a long term sustainable affiliate marketing business.

8 Simple Steps to Generate a $100,000 Per Year Affiliate Marketing Business

5. Building a Relationship With Your List.

To some people what I am about to say will go completely against their better business judgement, but believe me this is the way to go in this digital age (and by the way, is one of the secrets successful millionaires have utilised for hundreds of years). Focus on the giving and the receiving will take care of itself.

If your mindset is on providing solutions and quality content to your subscriber base, instead of constantly looking to make a sale, then guess what, your affiliate marketing business will thrive.  So stop looking to make a quick buck and focus on providing the quality solutions your subscriber base is looking for and you will make the money
anyway.  So build a relationship with your list and show them you DO care about
them by pre-selling yourself.  Let them know you are genuinely interested in them as a person and give of yourself freely.

6. Finding The Right Affiliate Marketing Products to Promote to Your List.

Once you have established trust with your list, and built yourself up as the expert within your niche, you can now begin to promote some suitable products and hopefully make some money.

However, don’t forget that whatever products you promote MUST be congruent with the subscribers you are promoting to.  It would be crazy, for example, to build up a subscriber email list in the “weight loss” niche, then try to sell them a product from the “dog training” niche.  So ensure you ONLY promote relevant products to the relevant lists you have spent time building within your business.

7. Selling The Products To Your List.

Again there are differing opinions on this particular subject of email marketing,  some affiliates believe that it is best to email your list every day, others do so every other day, and more affiliate marketers only email maybe once per week. Whatever you decide (I personally email twice a day 7 days per week),  follow the “7” sales principle.  That is only promote a product every 7th email sent,  and only promote a product you have purchased or reviewed yourself.

8. Automate Your Selling.

Most people believe that having an affiliate marketing business on the internet can not only provide them with a great income,  but can also provide a great lifestyle by giving a certain amount of time and money freedom.  Time freedom because you can run your affiliate marketing business from a laptop, which means that you can run it from anywhere you choose, provided you have an internet connection.

Money freedom comes because you truly can control your income almost at will. However,  there are ways and means with which you can grow your business almost on autopilot to give you the true laptop lifestyle.  The main automation tool I use is for my
follow-up email marketing.  Again this subject detail is outside the scope of this particular article, but you can find out more about the particular automation tools I use for this right here <==.

Note: To REALLY grow your affiliate marketing business to truly astronomical levels you DO need to have a certain amount of automation (See my training for more on this)<==

On last tip regarding your email follow-up, try not to overwhelm your subscribers with products that they don’t want or need simply to make some money.  Your credibility and trustworthiness will soon suffer if you do, and remember you are building a long term affiliate marketing business here, NOT a get rich quick scheme.

Your reputation is ALL that you have.

So there you have it.  Follow the steps above, and you can soon find yourself producing
multiple income streams of between 60k and 100k per year in next to no time.  There is certainly no need to reinvent the wheel, and in fact, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to produce instant wealth, the chances are that you will NEVER find it anyway, and you WILL need to do some work.

All the best.


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8 Simple Steps to Generate a $100,000 Per Year Affiliate Marketing Business


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