How to Make Money With Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Online

How to Make Money With Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Online

How to Make Money With Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Online

If you have been searching the internet for solutions on how to make money online for any length of time, you have no doubt heard of Network Marketing ( or MLM as it is also known ) and also Affiliate Marketing, and you are probably also wondering whether it can work for YOU.

Well, this is how I see it: many people have a dream that network marketing is their only chance to achieve some business success and get ahead in life.  Even more see it as their one and only chance of paying off debt, providing a good education for their children, or even providing a nice nest egg for retirement.

However, for the vast majority( usually after many years of making very little ) it can be a very demoralising time, and unfortunately many simply give up without EVER realising their potential. But the smart entrepreneurs turn to the internet wanting to learn how to make money online and market their business to reach a much larger marketplace.

It is usually during this process that they also discover affiliate marketing (marketing someone else’s products) and other direct selling methods on how to make money online. The combination of online network marketing and affiliate marketing as the answer to making money online, has been incredibly successful for many internet marketers and with the internet growing exponentially on a daily basis, and with the explosion of social media sites such as facebook, and Twitter, it would appear that the internet is the way to go to promote an existing business or product/service,  but that’s all very well and good, exactly where do you go to obtain the required skills in order to learn how to make money online?

How to Make Money With Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Online

You see, in internet network marketing today there is a problem, that simply didn’t exist in the early marketing days, when you didn’t really need to learn how to make money online you just had to place an ad on Google directing prospects to your network marketing company’s website.

Today, it’s not as easy as that, the days when you could market a replicated company website have long gone.  Today, as an individual and a unique business,  you need to have your own brand webpage and/or blog, which you then place strategically in-between any ads that you place and the company website.

There are also other factors which need to be taken into account when creating your brand online, such as, a well seo optimised blog, a YouTube channel, a facebook fan page and many marketing methods to learn, which- lets face it – are alien to most people.

All these new skills to learn obviously makes many network marketers run for the hills and give up from ever even trying to learn how to make money online because all of a sudden it seems that you have to be an accomplished and highly skilled online marketer to make any money in the first place.

As a result, the how to make money online marketing strategies have become much more complex and in some cases even reverting back to offline marketing methods, which in many situations is just not an option for the many network marketers out there who have done, and are doing, everything their sponsor has told them to do, without EVER obtaining any results at all, never mind any serious business building.

Yet still, we find ourselves believing in the concept of online network marketing and the ultimate goal of learning how to make money online which enables thousands of marketers across the world to travel and run their businesses from a laptop ANYWHERE on the planet.

How to Make Money With Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Online

So What is There to do to Understand How to Make Money

Well, today thankfully, anybody can learn how to make money online, whether it is with network marketing, affiliate marketing or direct sales, thanks to the existence and growth of training platforms which have been produced and developed with the primary function of helping business builders to market their business and products online.

So the need for you to learn how to seo optimise your blog, your YouTube channel and a facebook fan page, for example, and not forgetting of course all the different marketing methods to generate visitors to your business websites – which is complete overwhelm if you are new to online network marketing – is almost completely eliminated if you do join one of these make money online training platforms.

Now comes the REALLY good news.  Many network marketing or affiliate marketing programs pay their partners to promote and market not only the products, but also the programs as well, which is great of course because that is how you make your money, and of course this is the way that the network marketing model has always worked.  However, the amount of commissions you receive can vary widely from program to program, but usually is anything from 15% to about 75%.


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How to Make Money With Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Online


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