How to Start an Online Business

This post updated on Jan 30th 2017.

How to Start an Online Business

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Blogs have been around for quite sometime now, but when people first started blogging, they were typically used by all sorts of different people for updating family and friends about the various different aspects of their lives.  And while some people still use their blogs just for that, there are now thousands of people across the world that blog for an
income and some actually make money full time by blogging as an Online Business.

However, without the necessary systems and training it is almost impossible to make money with a blog.  So in this article you will find a basic guide to getting started with an online business and hopefully begin to make money online with your blog.

So lets go:

How to Start an Online Business

Ok, first of all lets explain a little bit about “search engines” and how as a blogger with an online business you can use them to your advantage.

So what is a “search engine?”

Well, search engines are in the business of helping people find “stuff” on the internet, and generally make money from advertising.  And the way they make the most money is by providing the results that are most relevant to the searches being done.  After all, if they didn’t return useful and relevant results,  then users (you and me) would probably go to a competing search engine instead.

The other thing they thrive on and in fact demand,  is fresh content because that’s what the users want.  This is were blogs are very important as an online business. Because blogs are dynamic and are regularly being updated with fresh, original and relevant content, (relevant that is to the topic being searched) they provide the best of both worlds- relevancy and fresh content!

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How to Start an Online Business

How Can YOU  Use This to Your Advantage as an online business and Blogger then?

A good online business guide will show you how to optimize your website/blog content to make the most of the search engine facility.  You see, when you provide fresh and relevant content on your website/blog, it will begin to rank higher in the search results, and obviously this is a good thing as most people will try searching using different words and phrases.

So it is important for you as an online business owner looking to make money online that you appear on the first page of the search results and even better if you are in the top 5 of the organic results.  Because that way you will have some decent traffic coming to your website/blog which hopefully will result in you making some money.

So, now you know the importance of traffic, and also the concept of how to get it,  we will delve a little more deeply and begin to show you how to start making money. Put another way,  how to turn the traffic you get into an income.  There are many different ways to make money with a website/blog, but basically it all comes back to treating your online business as a REAL business.

One of the most important things to do, and one of the first, is to buy your own domain name, because whilst you can use free platforms such as Blogger and WordPress,  you should still self-host with your own purchased domain name ( such
as ),  as not only will this give you a more professional appearance and more online credibility,  but it also gives you complete control over your content.

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You see, if you use a free hosting platform, and free domain, they can delete your website/blog without warning if your content is considered to be inappropriate.

Finally, having your own online business is a fantastic way to produce a great online income, providing you have all of the basics in place, hopefully you can begin your journey RIGHT NOW!

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