Why Failure is One of The Biggest Secrets of Success

Why Failure is One of The Biggest Secrets of Success

Why Failure is One of The Biggest Secrets of Success

The Secret of Kicking Butt…

Remember your Epic Challenge and How You Conquered it?

You are a ROCK STAR!

You’ve already proved it… Remember? I’ll explain in a second… but first…
Here’s something to help you make today a fantastic day of victory.

Let’s talk a little bit about one of the biggest “secrets” of success:

Most try everything to avoid it. I “get that” but here’s what they’re missing…
If you’re not failing fantastically, you won’t succeed.

The path to success leads through the thick jungle path of failure.

Be willing to get rejected, hated on, and “thrown out of driveways”…
…always keep moving forward and being tenacious.
Persistence is the mother of success and the only way you improve at anything.

Ask Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin and Alexander Graham Bell.
heck… ask Derek Jeeter or Nolan Ryan. Ask your kids… they know.

Why Failure is One of The Biggest Secrets of Success

Here’s proof.

Let’s get back to our first story: YOU. ROCK STAR. Remember?
Remember learning to walk?

You were an unstoppable force of persistence and tenacity…
You fell again and again… You were scared, and wobbly…
…but you kept on getting up and doing it. It’s easy to do nothing… and be nothing.

But that’s not you and you know it. Creating your own life by helping people
online is the same thing. There are many “firsts” for you ahead.

  • Your first capture page.
  • Your first follow up email.
  • Your first Facebook post.
  • Your first video on YouTube.
  • Your first blog.
  • Your first ad copy.
  • Your first purchase of traffic.
  • Your first coaching program.

It’s all a path that leads to your..

  • First $100 profit.
  • First $100K year.
  • First $1,000,000 in revenue.

And that leads to your ULTIMATE SIMPLE FREEDOM LIFE.

Each part is just a step along the journey. Just a path through a jungle we all
must hack through. But here’s the good news… It’s your first time through your personal path…

…but there are many who have hacked through this mountain pass before you
and we want you to succeed.

We’re sincerely inspired by you. You’re trying. You’re learning. You’re studying
and you’re doing the darn thing.

Fail forward fantastically!

Why Failure is One of The Biggest Secrets of Success

Rejoice and be proud of your little failures and temporary set backs… they are
called: Your Mastery School. That’s all that is. You’re getting better, just keep going.

Follow our lead.

Have you seen all our training and support sites we’ve built for you?
The daily webinar trainings? The daily mindset conference call? The weekly team leader hangouts that close for you? And train your team? The weekly empower hour call open to the multitude?

The fact that all of this is recorded so your school is running 24/7?

Everything is laid out there for you.
Just add passion!
Just add persistence!
Just add your voice.
Just add your swagger.

You can do it!

I know you can. I did it. And we didn’t have even 3% of what you have available to you right now with us. It’s a team effort.

Just keep swinging the bat. We’re making you stronger. We’re making you smarter.

And we have your back right here on our team.

Why Failure is One of The Biggest Secrets of Success

Just decide to WIN! It’s just a decision. Be all in. So you can help others believe in being all in.  This is how a leader is groomed. Document your journey and share it with the world. They’ll connect with you. Tell your story because it’s worth telling and it will inspire thousands! Your story needs to be heard. Your whole journey needs to be heard.

Anyway, I wish you a fantastic day! If you’re not yet on our team, let’s go! There’s nothing to be worried about and we can help you step by step here.

Just get in. Let’s roll! Click Take Action Now at the end of this post and I will see you in there!.

See you on the team,

“Prosperity Team Coach”

Why Failure is One of The Biggest Secrets of Success

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