How to Create Effective Email Links in 4 Simple Steps

How to Create Effective Email Links in 4 Simple Steps

Email link placement and calls to action can make or break the effectiveness of your email message. However, improving the return on your investment of time and resources is only 4 simple steps away.

Adding a link to your email isn’t particularly difficult — but adding multiple links and weighing up exactly what to link to, and where to place your email links is a completely different story.  So follow on as I reveal to you a simple 4 step process that you can implement immediately to improve the effect of your emails.

How to Create Effective Email Links in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1. Don’t Include Too Many Links

Generally, limiting the number of links in your email to five or less will help to optimize your message to drive your readers to specific content. But if you take a look at some trendy email patterns, you’ll notice far more than 5 URLs at work — that’s because of the amount of Social Sharing done these days, which on it’s own can take up 3-5 of your precious links.

The real trick here is to determine what is most important and give it visual and heirarchical priority. If social links aren’t as important to you, make them subtle or completely remove them.

Step 2. Use engaging CTAs (Call to Action)

“Click here” is an age old CTA — but it probably shouldn’t be. Not only is “click here” to general, which makes it unclear as to the type of content hidden behind it, but it’s also not a very engaging statement. So test alternatives such as “read more,” “get started” or “join us.”

Sticking with exciting action verbs is an excellent way to spice up your CTAs with very little effort.

Step 3. Avoid hiding Your CTAs in Images

Always try to remember that images usually don’t display immediately in most email clients — which can leave your reader with a giant, blank message. When you trap your CTA and links in your images, it becomes almost impossible for your reader to read or click until they’ve downloaded images first.

So my general rule-of-thumb is:

ALWAYS use a text link for your CTA. Having said that, it’s fairly common for some readers to attempt to engage with images once they’re downloaded.  So for the absolute maximum effect, make your images clickable by linking them to the same location as your text link.

Step 4. Be Clear and Honest

This is possibly the most valuable link tip right here.

Make sure that your CTA is clear. Use bold typeface, a colour or any other method to highlight the link against the rest of your email text. While simplicity is quite often the key, you should absolutely make sure your links stand out from the content around them.

Also, check that the linked text accurately describes what you want your reader to do and more importantly what the reader is expecting to do.

EG: “read more about effective email links on our blog” is an active call to action that is clear and concise and accurately identifies the content on the linked page, and it makes much more sense than something a little vague like “read about links on our blog.”

So that’s it. I hope you have received some value from this article “How to Create Effective Email Links in 4 Simple Steps” Please feel free to share with your friends if you feel they would benefit, and don’t forget to comment below (or ask a question) and grab your FREE gifts. ==>HERE <==

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