3 Simple Tips To Help You Manifest Money Into Your Life

3 Simple Tips To Help You Manifest Money Into Your Life

Hey Jon Leuty here with some more information and tips to show you How to Manifest Money into your life. Use these 3 tips TODAY and watch how you instantly begin to attract more wealth and abundance into your life.

Tip No 1. Start Each Day With an Attitude of Gratitude.

What you focus on comes into your life. So if you choose to focus on lack & scarcity. that is what you will be attracting to you. Conversely, if you focus on looking for the things to be grateful for throughout your day, then guess what? THIS is what you will attract into your life. More things to be grateful for.

This is a WONDERFUL cycle of abundance.

So when you get out of bed in the morning, be grateful for the new day, the new opportunities and possibilities that are now there for you. Many people throughout the world today DO NOT have this luxury

Every day don’t forget is a new opportunity with new possibilities and I’m grateful for the fact that I can see this new day because I know there are thousands of people out there who don’t have that opportunity so I’m grateful for that and that helps me throughout the rest of the day to focus on gratitude because we know with the Law of Attraction that what you focus on comes about so if you focus on gratitude if you focus on being grateful for what you already have then miraculously you attract more things of the things that you want into your life to be grateful for.

Another great tip to keep you in a constant grateful state is to make a list of 5 things you are grateful for just before going to sleep at night. This could be anything from the hot clean water you showered in earlier in the day, to the food you have eaten that day, I’m sure you get the picture. (see this Blog Post for more things to be grateful for)

So Tip No 1 Start Each Day With the Right Attitude of Gratitude.

Tip No 2. Always Carry Money.

This is about money. “Always Carry Money With You”. At ALL times. Now what do I mean by this, have the money on your person, don’t have the money in a wallet or a purse or handbag, have it loose in your pocket. Now it doesn’t have to be much, it doesn’t matter how much it is, it could be 10 Dollars or 10 Pounds, or 20 Pounds, 30 pounds or 50 Dollars, whatever it may be have this money in your pocket at all times.

Everywhere you go you have this money on you. Well what does this do for you. If you find yourself throughout the day entering into a scarcity mindset or a lack mindset or worrying about the amount of money you haven’t got to do the things that you want to do then you simply put your hand in your pocket, grab hold of this money and then you say

“I ALWAYS Have Money”

And because you physically have your money on you, each time you say this affirmation, you REALLY, TRULY believe it, which makes it supremely powerful.

Now what is this doing, well this is a little trick you are playing on yourself because we know, certainly with the amount of people who have read The Secret and from then on have decided that they would like to use The Law of Attraction, and for many, many people, thousands of people, millions of people, The Law of Attraction works extremely well, but there’s many people out there who can’t make it work because if you remember, part of using The Law of Attraction when you want to attract something into your life, is that you have to pretend that you already have it, and for lots of people, that was, that IS, very very difficult to do.

Now, at night just before going to bed, place the money from your pocket somewhere were you will see it immediately on getting out of bed the next morning, then when you are dressed place the money back into your pocket, and again affirm…

“I ALWAYS Have Money”

So this little trick allows you to tell your mind that you always DO have it, so, as you always have money on you, you are saying to yourself “I ALWAYS Have Money” and that is a fact so therefore you DO always have money because it’s with you all of the time.

So that’s Tip No 2. Always Carry Money.

Tip No 3. Mentally Spend The Money Throughout Your Day.

So following straight on from Tip No 2. Tip No 3 is all about what you need to do with the money as you carry it with you throughout the day.

You must mentally spend the money. That’s not physically spend it, spend it in your mind! I’ll explain a little bit about it, so as you go about your day there is going to be thoughts popping into your mind of maybe the things you’d like to buy or possess, things that you’d like to have, but whereas before if you didn’t have the money in your pocket those thoughts potentially would make you feel bad and you’d start worrying about the things you can’t afford, the things that you WANT but can’t afford then this technique is going to teach you to think about the money that’s in your pocket and imagine yourself spending it on whatever it is that you desire.

Now, then the question now comes up what happens if what you desire costs more than you have in your pocket, well all you have to then do is simply think about something else you can buy with the money that you have something that you’d REALLY like, Ok? Then you take just a few moments to visualize yourself paying for and really enjoying whatever that thing is.

The really great thing about Tip No 3 is that very soon you will begin to notice how much happier you are feeling and how much more often you smile when you do this exercise.

So that’s Tip No 3. Mentally Spend The Money Throughout Your Day.

Make these 3 Money Manifestation Tips an integral part of your day EVERY day, and pretty soon you’ll find that you begin to see more money and other forms of abundance and prosperity manifesting in your life.

However, you MUST be prepared to take action and use these 3 Simple Tips To Help You Manifest Money Into Your Life, because without action all your other efforts will be wasted.

Remember This!

“By Thought You Attract, By ACTION You Receive”

So take action Today & Download Your Free Money Making Blueprint by Clicking the button below NOW!

All the best


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