Can Our Bodies be Healed by Our Thoughts

Can Our Bodies be Healed by Our Thoughts

Can Our Bodies be Healed by Our Thoughts

Almost everyday now we seem to be learning more about the power of our thoughts, and it would now seem that thousands of people have achieved great results in using their thoughts to improve their lives, by attracting ideal partners, great opportunities, more money, and plenty of other life changing things.

But what about our physical bodies? Could it actually be possible to heal our bodies simply by changing our thoughts?

Well, it’s a little known fact that our bodies respond very quickly to our thoughts. The medical profession is now starting to acknowledge this, but personally I think we still have a long way to go before it is considered to be common knowledge.

Instead, modern medicine usually consists of taking drugs, undergoing surgery or other treatments to heal diseases and injuries. However this sounds, it is certainly not such a terrible thing, as modern medical and scientific practices have come a long way, and it’s truly amazing I think, to see what is possible these days!

But, I believe that our thoughts can not only help our bodies to heal much faster and easier than they would with medical intervention alone, but our thoughts can actually PREVENT us from getting sick or ill in the first place.

A good example of this is to take a look at the effects of stress on our body, as it is a scientifically proven fact stress taxes the body to such an extent that it makes it more susceptible to illness.

But what is stress?

Negative thoughts!
Worried thoughts,
thoughts of overwhelm,
thoughts of frustration,
thoughts of anger,

those are all negative thoughts which can lead to negative emotions which can cause high levels of stress.

However, when stress is properly managed the immune system functions much more effectively, so that the body can fight off illness.

Can Our Bodies be Healed by Our Thoughts

Can Our Bodies be Healed by Our Thoughts

So, just imagine what may be possible if we apply this insight to ALL of our thoughts. Not just stress, but the entire way you think about your body.

Would it actually be possible to “think health” and experience better health?

Do you think it is possible to overcome serious illnesses and injuries more efficiently if you also line up your thoughts with the outcome you desire; that healthy, vibrant, strong body you want?

Your beliefs also play a large role in your physical wellness. What would happen do you think if you decided to BELIEVE that can you can be healthy and strong?

What if your thoughts could have a truly positive impact on your health and you could actually transform your body into a state of absolute near-perfect well-being?

Well maybe TODAY is the time to explore these possibilities and create the well-being you deserve.

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All the best

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