How to Unleash Your Amazing Life – The Amazing You

How to Unleash Your Amazing Life – The Amazing You

How to Unleash Your Amazing Life - The Amazing You

This book is hands-down the most intriguing book I’ve ever read. I don’t know about you, but my life had been one roller coaster ride before I encountered The Amazing You.

You see, since high school, I’d been trying to figure out my life’s calling, or higher purpose, or whatever it is that people call it.

My friends told me to focus on my career, that a career was the only way to achieve success in this fast-paced world nowadays. Well thankfully I ignored that piece of advice and decided to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams, of which I can proudly claim quite a lot of success.

However, despite my success I still had this inner feeling of unfulfillment and still didn’t know what I really wanted, or rather, as it turned out, I at least thought I didn’t know what I wanted.

So where’s all this going I hear you ask?

Well, I want to tell you about this amazing book called The Amazing You that was
recommended (accidentally as it turned out) to me by an internet marketing buddy of
mine who forwarded an email to me. You see something about the book really resonated
with me, although I can’t actually pinpoint exactly what it is.

I’d always wanted to publish a book, but many people told me that being a writer
was difficult, and that I’d never be able to make it, funnily enough all this negative
advice was coming from my friends, who as you may have guessed, had never written a book either! This really reminded me of some advice I was given by one of my mentors (Bob Proctor) who said (i’m paraphrasing by the way) “Do Not Take Advice From ANYBODY Who Has not done, or Who is Not Doing Successfully Whatever it is You Desire to do

There were so many ideas and words swirling in my mind, things I really wanted to tell the
world about, but here the world was, telling me to pipe it down. But The Amazing You
managed to unleash everything in me.

How to Unleash Your Amazing Life - The Amazing You

How to Unleash Your Amazing Life – The Amazing You

Listening to the interviews that came with the book, I started tearing up at my desk, because the things that they said resonated deep within me. One point that I took away from the Michael Neil interview —he’s a famous success coach and author— was that it was okay to have negative feelings.

Somewhere along the way, bad feelings became taboo and it was somehow wrong to feel negative emotions. But The Amazing You helped me to realize that they were perfectly all right, and I just needed to reign them in and use them as motivator.

Whilst reading the book, I began to realize my true Self, and started writing immediately. I didn’t tell anyone about it, but I wrote at home, usually late at night when I’d finished my usual business operations. (I run an Online Affiliate Marketing business) I couldn’t stop writing; it was as if I’d finally given myself permission to do what I wanted! I was like a kid running free in a candy store.

My family and friends then saw the change in my demeanor, my disposition, my whole outlook on life. I was generally a much happier person, and I knew now that it had been my own fear that had guided my decision all along.

I knew that my life would never be the same again, and it was all thanks to that
little book called “The Amazing You

How to Unleash Your Amazing Life - The Amazing You

Ok, that’s it for today’s blog post, I hope you found it useful. If you feel that it could benefit others please feel free to share using any of the Social sharing buttons below this post.

Many thanks for reading.
God Bless.

P.S.  To Find Out More About “The Amazing You” Watch This Free Video by Clicking on The “Watch Now” Button Below!

How to Unleash Your Amazing Life - The Amazing You

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