3 Simple Steps to Generating HUNDREDS of FREE Back Links to Your Website

3 Simple Steps to Generating HUNDREDS of FREE Back Links to Your Website

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Hey Jon here with another great blog post.  In today’s blog post I will explain how in 3 simple steps, you can get hundreds (even thousands) of back links to your website/blog absolutely FREE and therefore provide targeted website visitors, who will hopefully become paying customers at the same time or in the future.

So lets go…..

Admittedly, back-linking doesn’t play the same part in ranking your website within the Search Engines as it used to, but, it is still highly effective and therefore relevant.  So the basic breakdown is still the same. IE: the more links pointing to your website, the higher up the search engines your website will rank. More importantly though is getting those High PR websites linking back to yours.

The question you should ask, is this:

“How can I get those High PR links without having to buy High PR links and/or spend countless hours surfing the web for link partners with the possible potential of being denied?”

As entrepreneurs, we can’t afford to waste ANY time, ESPECIALLY when just starting out. Therefore we must make every minute count, and ensure that we put the majority of our efforts into “income producing” activities.  So, with that being said, I’m going to reveal a ‘Back Door’ strategy which I and many other successful Internet Marketers use for getting High PR links to your website absolutely FREE, and have them begging you to come back, but the really cool thing is, that it can be done by following this simple 3 step strategy.

If you follow this simple strategy every day, you’ll not only get hundreds of back links to your website/blog, you’ll also get hundreds, if not thousands of targeted visitors to your website at the same time…… all FREE!

3 Simple Steps to Generating HUNDREDS of FREE Back Links to Your Website

Understanding How to Get Traffic

Step 1. Write an Article.

The first step is to write a niche related article about your Product or Service that connects with your target market and gets them to click through to your website, once they finish reading it.

Now, you may well ask why you have to write an article. Well, it’s quite simple really,  at the end of your article is your ‘Resource Box’ containing a brief bio of the author (in this case you) with most importantly… your link pointing back to your website/blog.

What this means is : when someone chooses to publish your article in their newsletter or on their website, blog or article directory, they MUST publish it with all the links intact within your ‘Resource Box’.  Now, at this point some of you may well be saying … “I don’t know how to write an article” … well, no need to worry, here I’ve put together a few resources to help you, so you can get the basic idea of how to structure and write your articles or to get someone else to write them for you.

The 1st is a blog post I did earlier.  So click on “How to Write Powerful and Niche Relevant Articles in Less Than An Hour”. It shows you how to structure your articles for easy writing and is well worth a read.

The 2nd resource is Elance.com which is an outsourcing website where you can go & submit a project by category,  & freelance writers, etc. will then bid on your project. You pick the winner & set the budget. This will get you started immediately in the right direction.  Remember, your article is the foundation of this ‘Back Linking’ strategy, so make sure your efforts get you as much exposure as possible.

The 3rd resource is a GREAT Free report called “The Ezine Advertising Formula” which goes into fantastic detail about Article Marketing, Ezine advertising and other forms of traffic methods both free and paid. You can access a FREE copy at the moment (don’t know how long I can give this GREAT report away, so my advice is to grab it whilst you still can) by clicking the button immediately below this paragraph.

The Wealth Mentor

3 Simple Steps to Generating HUNDREDS of FREE Back Links to Your Website

Step 2. Submit your article to Article Directories.

This is the next step and a very important one at that, because this is where your article is going to get picked up by website owners and/or ezine publishers who are in need of fresh, quality info to feed their audiences hunger for information.

There are literally hundreds of Article Directories out there and thousands of ezine publishers looking for quality content on a daily basis, and if they choose your article for publication, they must include your ‘Resource Box’ with your website URL.

Article Marketing, by the way, is a numbers game,  so the more Article Directories and websites you submit your articles to, the more back links you’ll eventually get to your website, and since Article Directories have adopted RSS (Real Simple Syndication) technology, your articles will get even more mileage without you having to do anything extra, creating even more back links to your website.

Are you starting to see the power behind writing your own articles, I hope so?.

Step 3. Create your own RSS Feed for your articles.

This last step is an extremely powerful step aswell. What you need to do is set up your own RSS Feed for your articles. Now, if you don’t know what RSS is here’s the basic definition…

RSS is by definition – an acronym for ‘Real Simple Syndication’ or ‘Rich Site Summary’, and the .XML extension is the format used for distributing your news headlines across the World Wide Web, which is known as ‘Syndication. ‘Syndication’ is where the TRUE power of RSS is unleashed, getting your message or information across the Internet in an INSTANT to websites, subscribers and/or readers who subscribed to your RSS Feed.

Now, the easiest way for you to do this is to set up your own Blog. There are many blogging platforms out there today, but in my opinion only 2 that should be considered, especially if you are new to blogging. These are:

WordPress.com –  or – Blogger.com

WordPress is a little more advanced ( but is always being modified and simplified on a daily basis and is probably my No 1 recommended choice. But if you don’t have a lot of experience with Blogs or installing scripts then you can set up a blog on Blogger which will only take you about 5 minutes to do.

Once you’ve set up your Blog the only thing left for you to do is add you articles. Make sure you hyperlink your URL and use Anchor Text with your most targeted keywords. By doing this the Search Engine spiders will rank your website higher under that keyword term you specify in your Anchor Text. After you’ve added your articles all you have to do now is submit your new RSS Feed to RSS Directories and RSS Search Engines.

Here’s a great place to start. Ping-O-Matic

Now I know I there’s alot of information here, but all you have to do is follow the 3 Simple Steps to Generating HUNDREDS of FREE Back Links to Your Website as directed above and you will benefit for years to come with back links to your website and FREE targeted traffic from the Search Engines, Website Owners &/or Publishers.

All the Best

Jon L.

P.S. Don’t Forget to Grab Your FREE Copy of “The Ezine Advertising Formula” by Clicking The Button Below Whilst it’s Still Available, and You Can Check Out Which Bonuses You Qualify For at The Same Time. So Go-ahead and do it TODAY!

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