How to Create Content for Your Information Product

How to Create Content for Your Information Product

How to Create Content for Your Information Product

You don’t have to be a professional writer or speaker to quickly make an information product, especially if you’re already knowledgeable about the subject.

The simplest way to create your content is to ask your buying audience.  This is particularly simple to do if you already have a list in your target market,  as all you have to do is to send out an e-mail survey.

There are many online survey systems to use, but I’ve found Surveymonkey to be the easiest and most user friendly survey system out there, which allows you to survey your results tallied by the most popular entries.

However, even if you don’t have a list to survey yourself, you can always use somebody else’s by offering a commission or even giving them 100% for selling your information product to their list.

Another way to find out what the biggest challenge is in your particular niche is to simply ask other people by conducting an interview with a relevant expert over the phone, or correspond via e-mail.

How to Create Content for Your Information Product

How to Create Content for Your Information Product

To finish your information product content all you need to do now is to make notes of your strategies, tips, tricks and techniques that solve the most pressing questions and challenges that your surveys and/or interviews have established to be the biggest challenges facing your target market.

A good number to aim for when devising your solutions is to go for approx ten specific challenges and come up with about three strategies, tips or techniques for each one.

But remember to always keep in mind that the majority of your clients will not need ALL of the information now, they may only be looking for a place to start, or for a solution to move them out of an area they are currently stuck in, and your information product will help them do that.

If they need to find out more they can always purchase additional information from you, and will be glad to do so if you are cultivating a good and trusting relationship with them.

So What Sort of Information Product is it Best to Create First?

For your first information product it is best to create a simple written report, an audio CD or a workbook, and it is quite easy to create multiple products, without having to do too much extra work, once you have the first format complete.

One of my favourite methods for product creation is to first do a Teleseminar or webinar and have it recorded onto a CD and transcribed into a PDF format. This way you can have a one hour webinar turned into multiple products in a few hours. For example see how a simple one hour Teleseminar can produce the following:-

  • A short PDF Document you can give away as a FREE report.
  • A CD Audio program for the front-end of your marketing funnel.
  • A detailed workbook to sell separately, or to include with the CD to increase the perceived value and therefore increase the price.
  • A sample MP3 Audio to place on your website.
  • An article created from the workbook to distribute to online ezines for traffic generation purposes.
  • A sample audio to be placed on video & audio distribution websites for traffic generation purposes.

How to Create Content for Your Information Product

How to Create Content for Your Information Product

This process can be repeated quickly so you can soon build up a library of information products that people will want to purchase, and of course once you have created multiple audio programs you can always bundle them together into a home study course for the back-end of your marketing funnel.

Remember the more different types of media you include in your information product, the higher its perceived value, and therefore the more you can charge for it.

So Get Creating, it’s quite simple really.

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