5 Simple Tips to Help You Create Your First Website

5 Simple Tips to Help You Create Your First Website

How to Create Your First Website - 5 Simple Tips

If you’re going to run a successful online business, and despite what many so-called “experts” out there are saying, you just can’t get away from the fact that the REALLY successful online businesses all have one thing in common, a fully functioning website.

However, it’s simply not enough to just throw up any old website you need to at least establish some basics, ESPECIALLY if you are a beginner.

So with that in mind I have written this short blog post to give you some basic steps to help you out when you decide it is the right time to create your first website.

So read on as I reveal….

5 Simple Tips to Help You Create Your First Website

Tip Number 1. Easy Reading.

When a visitor lands on your website, you want them to stay for as long as possible, at least long enough for them to take some action (whatever it is that you would like them to do on your website: e.g: Buy something, opt-in to a newsletter etc).

So you need to avoid anything that might distract or put-off your visitors and give them an excuse to leave! So avoid using long sentences and paragraphs of unbroken text, which can look like it’s going to be hard work to read through.

Instead, try to use short paragraphs, bullet points, sub-headings and images to break up the text and provide your visitor with an easier and more enjoyable read.

How to Create Your First Website - 5 Simple Tips

Tip Number 2. Humans Vs Spiders

Long gone are the days when you simply needed to stuff your website with keywords to reach page 1 of the search engines. These days, you need to concentrate on quality content much more than quantity. The reason behind this is the Google and other search engine algorithms have evolved to the point where human-friendly and value driven content is given the priority over keyword-stuffed garbage!

So focus on quality above EVERYTHING else. Having said that, of course you still need to optimize your web pages and content for the search engines by placing your main keywords in the title tag, meta description, heading tags, etc., but any increase you see in your rankings will largely be due to links from real people and authoritative websites in your niche, rather than regurgitated, spun articles written by robots!

5 Simple Tips to Help You Create Your First Website

How to Create Your First Website - 5 Simple Tips

Tip Number 3. Keeping Up Appearances

Although the copy on your website plays a vital role in encouraging your visitors to contact you, sign up to your list, or buy from you, it’s not the only aspect that you should focus on.

Check Out This Blog Post For Detailed Info on the art of Copy-writing.

Alongside the copy, the aesthetics of your website also go a long way in determining your success. If the design, the appearance and the usability of your website isn’t up to scratch, you can’t expect to generate alot of sales or opt-ins. As with most things, first impressions count, so make sure that your website is clean and attractive, is relevant to your visitor and is also sleek and functional (again this depends on what you want your visitor to do). But you especially need to create a professional image in order to turn your visitors into subscribers and customers.

Tip Number 4. What’s In It For Me?

When promoting a product or service, you must ALWAYS address the demands and needs
of your target market. In other words, you need to focus on what you or your product or service can do for them.

So be sure to keep the “me me me” talk to a minimum. Basically, most people only want to know what’s in it for them. So you need to ignore your ego and instead emphasize the benefits and advantages that your visitors will be able to gain by purchasing your products or services.

Tip Number 5. Use WordPress.

In my opinion, WordPress is THE best platform to build your website on, ESPECIALLY
for newbies.

It’s a content management system which gives you complete control over your website, without the need to learn about complicated HTML codes and scripts. So for beginners it’s perfect. If you can use a word processing system (like MS Word) and type on a computer keyboard, then you can use WordPress.

And all you need to do is login to your back office and you can change anything you want on your website.

So the old days, when you had to pay your web designer every time you wanted to correct a spelling mistake, are gone FOREVER!

Also there are thousands of completely free user friendly WordPress plug-ins and themes too, which allow you to add whatever functionality you need.

So there you have it, 5 Simple Tips to Help You Create Your First Website

Get Creating!

Best Wishes,

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