How to Make Every Day a Great Day

How to Make Every Day a Great Day

How to Make Every Day a Great Day

Did you know that you can use an attitude of gratitude and appreciation to create a great day EVERY day in virtually ALL areas of your life? Many people have no idea that their attitude determines so many of the experiences and outcomes they receive on a daily basis, and if they would just change their attitude, their outer experiences would change too.

If you aren’t yet sure how to do this, it’s easier than you may think, and actually becomes a lot of fun once you get into the rhythm of it.

You can easily start by thinking about the typical experiences you face on a daily basis. Perhaps you have a job, or own a business; you have relationships with people like your spouse or significant other, friends, family members, neighbors, coworkers, employees, and so on.

You interact with dozens of people daily and those interactions all flow together to trigger outcomes on various subjects – but not all of those outcomes benefit you, right?

That’s because you’re probably under the impression that so much of your outer life experiences are beyond your control.  But are they REALLY?

In many cases, not necessarily!

How to Make Every Day a Great Day

For example, let’s say that a person in your life is acting in ways that make you feel frustrated, unappreciated, or angry.  You may not be able to directly control what that person does, but your own attitude and outlook can have a massive impact on the way they behave.

Just by adopting a focus of appreciation and gratitude, you can change many (MANY!)
things in your outer life – including the way other people interact with you.

Here’s how to do it:

Start by thinking about a situation that upsets or displeases you. It could be a relationship with a friend or business partner, or the conditions of your job, or even the state of your own physical body.

Now decide on an outcome you would like to experience related to that situation. Maybe your friend starts being more understanding or patient; or your boss starts appreciating your contribution to the company and gives you a raise; or you start having more physical energy and stamina and feeling great each day.

Whatever outcome you wish to experience, start giving thanks for it and appreciating it daily. Say things like this to yourself all day:

“I am so happy and grateful now that my boss finally appreciates how hard I work! I’m thrilled to have received a great raise for my efforts! I feel appreciated and fulfilled right now!”

“I am so happy and grateful now that (insert name) is being so understanding lately! It makes me feel like she/he really cares about me and our relationship. I’m grateful for our friendship and I’m so glad we are able to work out our disagreements.”

“I am so happy and grateful now for my resilient body! I’m feeling stronger each day and I’m so thankful for my renewed energy and vitality!”

How to Make Every Day a Great Day

How to Make Every Day a Great Day

Keep repeating these gratitude statements regarding the situation you want to change – say them over and over and “pretend” that they are already a positive in your life.

Yes, a part of your mind will be well aware that you’re just pretending, but it doesn’t matter.  The more you focus on your desired outcome with feelings of gratitude – even if  you’re just pretending – the more you’ll begin to draw such outcomes into your life.

Don’t stop there; find at least one thing to appreciate about the outcomes you are experiencing now, even if they aren’t what you’d like to experience. For example,
if someone is rude to you you might say to yourself, “Even though he’s being rude, I’m
grateful that I don’t have to let his sour mood bother me.” Or “I’m grateful that I can
choose to be kind no matter how others behave.”

In every situation you find yourself in find at least one thing to appreciate or feel grateful for.  And in every situation you WANT to find yourself in, give thanks for it NOW – even if it’s not yet real.  Your very attitude of gratitude could help make it real.

Finally, at the end of every day, immediately before going to bed, make a list on a pad
or piece of paper of 6 things you’re grateful for in your life right now, remembering to
begin each statement with “I am so happy and grateful now that…..

All the best

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How to Make Every Day a Great Day

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