How to Get Your Email Subscribers to Take Action in 7 Simple Steps

How to Get Your Email Subscribers to Take Action in 7 Simple Steps

When it comes to marketing via email, convincing your prospects to open the email and read it is difficult enough already.

So when they do, you need to make the most of it.

So read on as I reveal to you exactly…..

How to Get Your Email Subscribers to Take Action in 7 Simple Steps.

Following these 7 simple steps will ensure that your prospects not only read your emails, but take the necessary action you require.

Step No 1. Avoid Over-promoting

In my opinion (for what it’s worth) the very worst thing any email marketer can do is to bombard his or her list with constant promotions.

People become tired of this constant selling, and your email click-through rates will suffer as a result.

A better way is to build a relationship with your list by interweaving your promotions with emails that help, rather than sell.

Step No 2. Make Sure That You Promise to Solve a Problem

All successful products solve a problem. Make it clear that by clicking on the link the prospect will be given the solution to whatever problem they face.

E.G: Lets say you have a weight loss product which helps people lose a certain amount of weight (20lbs) in a given period of time (10 days) then your link should emphasize this

Step No 3. Focus on the Benefits

People buy benefits, not products. Features tell, benefits sell.

You get the gist.

So don’t try to sell your product, but rather sell the benefits that the product will give to your customers and subscribers.

Step No 4. Include 3-4 links in Your Email

If you only include one link at the bottom of the email, it might get missed. So make sure you include 3 or 4 – the first one as near to the beginning as you can.

Step No 5. Use Deadline or Scarcity Tactics

Impending deadlines and scarcity encourage people to act. Because if they don’t, they’ll miss out. So if possible, add a deadline to your offer, a limit to the number of places or products available, etc.

Just be honest about it, don’t make anything up.

Step No 6. Add a Positive and Crystal Clear Call to Action

You need to make it clear what you want your prospect or subscriber to do, or they probably will not do it. Remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. So include a crystal clear call to action and remind them why they should click on the link.

Step No 7. Use a Postscript (P.S.)

This section is the most read part of a sales letter, after the headline, because skim readers will scroll down in search of the price.

So make sure your P.S. includes the main benefits and the reason why people should click through.

Best Wishes.

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How to Get Your Email Subscribers to Take Action in 7 Simple Steps

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