How to Get the Best From Your Article Marketing

How to Get the Best From Your Article Marketing

How to Get the Best From Your Article Marketing

What I’m about to share with you today is of vital importance for you if you’re involved in article marketing.  I’d  specifically like to talk to you regarding the massive importance and often overlooked use of a resource box, and exactly why you should be making the most of this valuable resource in your Article Marketing, but more importantly for you, HOW you can do it!

Firstly though, I’d like to start with a brief description regarding the changes in Article Marketing which have come about in the last few years.

Originally Article Marketing could be described as little more than writing an article and submitting it to a Website like and waiting for the traffic, however, today it means much more than that.

Ya’ see in the “good ol’days” article marketing simply meant writing a short article (usually between 500 and 1500 words) and then submitting that article to the many different article submission websites out there online.

These sites were generally called “article directories” because basically (hence the name) they usually contained only the articles that people had submitted to them, and whilst that general approach worked in the early days, but duplicate content penalties, info overload and the like have made that technique a lot less effective.

Having said all of that, Article Marketing done the right way can still work wonderfully well, and submitting to sites like should still be part of your Article Marketing plan.

But today, because many of the article marketing spammers have dropped out of the game (too much work for them to do it properly) the door is now firmly open to anybody who will commit to quality content and to also follow some basic Article Marketing steps.

The thing is that today’s article marketing looks very different from only a few years ago. So let’s look at a few differences now!

How to Get the Best From Your Article Marketing

How to Get the Best From Your Article Marketing

For example, today’s article marketing includes but is not limited to:

Articles submitted to your own blog

•Articles submitted to other blogs within your area of interest.

•Articles submitted to free “article submission directories” just like

•Articles submitted to online magazines (ezines).

•Articles you may exchange with other blogs.

•And many more.

But there’s one thing to take into consideration, with all of the changes to Article Marketing that have come about in the last few years, there’s one major factor that hasn’t changed, and that is: – if you’re going to achieve any sort of success with your article marketing you need to have a great resource box!

So, exactly what is a resource box, I hear you ask?

Well, you can usually find it at the very bottom of an article.  Some people call it an “author’s box.”  On blog’s it is often called “About the author”.  It’s basically a short section (sometimes called a bio) consisting usually of about three to five lines (at most) that tell the reader about you and how to contact you, or request further information on the article topic.  The best way to look at it is that, it’s your opportunity to get people to take action.

The key is you refrain from talking about yourself and speak instead about your reader. His or her needs and desires, not your accomplishments, and the best part is that there are only three steps you need to know in doing that.

So today, right now I would like to share with you this simple three step process to ensuring you always provide the correct information in your Article Marketing resource box.

How to Get the Best From Your Article Marketing

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Step 1 – Construct a lead-in phrase, sentence or paragraph!

This will ensure that you take your reader naturally from the article into the resource box without any confusion or time delay.

As an example:

Let’s assume you’ve just written your latest article entitled “Five ways you can make your dog look like a champion”.  Your lead in could be “Do you Want to make your dog look like a show dog?” Or … “Making your dog look his or her best is easy!” Or … “Give your dog a champion coat shine the fast, simple and easy way”.

Can you see that it’s simple, but still congruent with the article subject.

Another very strong opener could be: “Need help with…?” followed by whatever you’re promoting. One of my favorites is: “Confused about…?”

How to Get the Best From Your Article Marketing

How to Get the Best From Your Article Marketing

Step 2 – Define your benefits.

You need to tell them what’s in it for them. That’s what they care about.  When it comes to benefit statements, keeping things simple and short usually works the best. Generally speaking, most people want the following things:

•They want to save time.

•They want to save money or make money.

•They want to feel important.

•They want to be happy.

•They want to be healthy.

•They want to do the right thing.

•They want peace of mind.

If you can create benefit statements around these themes then you’ll find that your resource box will work well.  But  remember that you’re not selling features here (what your product does) but benefits (what your customers get out of it). That could be saving time, saving money or making money. Those tend to be the big three.

It could also be living longer, living better, attracting a mate, having more energy or getting more rest.  What does your product do for the person who purchases it?  That’s the key. That’s the benefit statement.

The question is never “what does your product do?” but instead it’s normally “what does it do for me?” So you need to find a way that your product delivers one of these benefits and write a short phrase describing what they get and how quickly they get it.

Step 3 – Creating your call to action.

People need to be told what to do.  So, tell them what to do next.  You’ve already told them what’s in it for them (your benefit statement) now you simply tell them how to get it.  By clicking your link!  A word of warning though, don’t over complicate it, you need to keep it very simple here.

“Click here” works just fine. There’s nothing wrong with saying “click here.” Some people might say that you should never put the words ‘click here’ on a website, I don’t believe that, generally in article marketing, it’s especially effective to say “click here.”

You’re telling the reader what to do next.  If they’ve read your article and liked it, then they’re going to wonder what they need to do next to find out more anyway, so telling them to “Click here” works perfectly fine. If you wanted to be a little different, you could use an action phrase like “to start earning” or “to sleep better” tonight.

My own personal resource box:

Here’s my example. I use this all the time.

“Confused about Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing? I can help! Find out how simple it is to start your own online business with my simple 3 step process!  Save time and money, too.  Real help is waiting for you at Click here  to learn more”

I can tell you that it’s been tried and tested and has worked well for me now for many years, and it works.  You will see that it uses the elements I’ve talked about today. People love to have personal help. This has been a very effective resource box in my article marketing.  Please feel free to use it for your own.

I hope this blog post helps you in your own Article Marketing endeavors and that you get started writing and testing your own resource box today!

All the best.

How to Get the Best From Your Article Marketing

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