Understanding How to Get Traffic

Understanding How to Get Traffic

Understanding How to Get Traffic

Hopefully if you are reading this blog post you’re already familiar with the term “Traffic” in relation to the Internet, and the utmost importance of being able to learn how to get traffic, more specifically “targeted” traffic to your website or blog in order for you to get your product or service in front of the people who are looking for it.

An awful lot of new marketers, and even some very experienced marketers are far too easily intimidated by the task of generating targeted traffic and simply don’t invest enough time into it, anyway the point of this blog post is to show you that with a little discipline it can be pretty straightforward really, and once you’ve mastered some of the techniques mentioned here and begun to understand the basic rules governing how people find websites, you’ll never again struggle for traffic.

(BTW, I don’t really delve deeply into Social Media in this article as that is a separate subject in itself now, what with the fantastic growth in the last few years of Facebook, Twitter etc, etc) but if you read this blog post you can find out more.

So lets get started shall we?

Understanding How to Get Traffic

Understanding How to Get Traffic

There are certain rules, which govern the way traffic is sent and attracted to websites, the first one is “everything is connected”.

Now you might be wondering what I mean by that last statement, but it’s quite simple really, you see the internet consists of millions of Web servers, and whilst not all of these servers are connected directly to each other, they are inevitably linked within their own “mini nets”

So what do I mean by “mini nets”? Well, people find websites generally in 3 different ways:-

· By inputting keywords to Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
· By clicking on links in articles or adverts on high profile and well known           websites.
· By word of mouth. (e.g. Social Media, mentions in forums or chat rooms) or offline (via business cards, stickers, classifieds, radio/tv etc)

So, almost everybody now knows of, or at least has heard of, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, EBay etc, these are probably the most popular search engines right now, but there are countless others.

However I am mainly going to be mentioning Google in this blog post, although when I am teaching people how to get traffic, the principles are generally the same whatever the search engine.

Google is quite often (85% at the time of writing this blog post) the first place most people go to when searching for something to solve their particular problem, so with such a high percentage you can see why I and many expert Internet Marketers focus so much of our attention on it, basically if you get it right with Google, the others just fall into line.

Understanding How to Get Traffic

Understanding How to Get Traffic

However, sites like MSN or Yahoo are set by many as their home page, meaning that when opening up their browser this loads automatically.  So this means that these sites are major hubs of Internet activity where many people may start their search, but because they are so heavily linked with other sources of information, can actually go to an almost unlimited number of destinations.

You can start in a familiar place and keep clicking link after link until you arrive at a website you’ve never seen before, which brings me nicely to the next principle.

The next principle “All About Links” is pretty self explanatory, basically you get your Website URL on as many other related websites as possible, and you can do this as follows:-

· Advertising (purchasing Text or Banner ads).
· Creating content (Articles, Press releases, reports etc)
· Linking to your site via Blog commenting, Forum posting, Classified ads,           Videos, etc)

The possibilities are really almost limitless, the point is that there are hundreds of possibilities out there, and the more links you have to related content the more search engine friendly your website will be, which of course equals more traffic.

==> Click on this link to read an earlier blog post about advertising. <==

Targeted Traffic.

Now, in order to make sales , you need contact with real people, who firstly are already looking for what you have, and more importantly are ready to take action on your offering.

So this principle is all about generating targeted traffic to your website, after all if you’re selling a Dog Training Product, it would be pointless attracting people who are interested in solving their Acne problem, for example!

Traffic or Lead generation is both an art and a science and is generally accomplished by utilizing paid and free methods. Probably the bulk of your paid traffic will come from pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns – you can find more on this subject in some of these previous articles posted here on my blog – that you can set-up on search engines like Google, and also from text and banner advertising which you can purchase on niche specific websites.

Free methods are generally content based which means using methods such as:-

· Article submission
· Press release submission
· Free reports
· Participating in forum discussions
· Social Networking (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc) See my many blog posts   on this subject, by clicking here.

Traffic generation is not too difficult if you apply yourself and learn the different techniques.  If you apply the techniques and methods I mention you will get traffic, it’s just a matter of time.

Remember if you do nothing, nothing will happen, if you do a little, you’ll get small results. In the traffic generation game massive application of the correct methods produces massive results.

Understanding How to Get Traffic

Understanding How to Get Traffic4

So how do you get targeted traffic?

Well, lets first talk about keywords, since for you to attract the right kind of traffic you must understand your keyword selection and why it matters.

OK then, lets discuss what it means for a keyword, or set of keywords to be targeted. Take the keyword phrase “Buy an Iphone online” do you think you know what the person is looking for in this example? Of course you do, it couldn’t be clearer could it?.

So if you are selling Iphones from your website or blog, any advertising you did around this phrase should draw in some highly targeted traffic.  However, imagine if you advertised using the key phrase “Iphone repairs” but you did not offer Iphone repairs, then any traffic generated would be untargeted, because what your offering is not what they’re looking for.

So how do you know which keywords to use?

Keyword selection is done during the initial market research, when you’re homing in on a niche.  At this stage you should begin to build a list of relevant keywords and phrases, which you’ll be able, to refer to later and use them as input in further keyword research to find even more targeted phrases.

You can find more detailed info about keyword research in this blog post. <==CLICK

The most important thing to remember with traffic generation is that it comes down to either time or money. Generally if you want fast results you’ll have to accept that you’ll pay for it monetarily, with either PPC or banner advertising.

Free methods usually require more time and effort but can result in long term traffic. The best strategy is to utilize both, as you can generate a quick traffic boost with paid advertising, whilst building your long-term traffic with the free methods.

Well that’s it for this particular blog post, I hope you found it useful and I also hope that you now find yourself with a little bit more knowledge in understanding how to get traffic.

Please feel free to leave a comment below and do share on social media via any of the share buttons featured below if you think that this blog post will help others.

Have an AWESOME Day.

Best Regards.

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