To Make Money From Home You Need to Answer These 5 Questions

To Make Money From Home You Need to Answer These 5 Questions

To Make Money From Home You Need to Answer These 5 Questions

To Make Money From Home You Need to Answer These 5 Questions

Anyone looking to start a home based business is always going to wonder how long it will take to find success. The increasing number of people buying products and services online these days, combined with the ease of which you can now set up a home based business, has now made starting a business from home possible for many people who previously would not have believed it possible for them to do so.

And whilst the journey to online success can be vastly different for each particular person, the overriding question for most people is, “How long will it be until I start to make money?”

Well, I can tell you that there is NO standard answer to that question, because there are many factors to take into consideration, however, there is ONE definitive value that YOU as a business person need to understand if you are to succeed in making money from home and that is:


Treat your business as a business not a hobby. It’s important to remember that when you are starting a home based business, you need to treat it like a business and realise that it will take time to grow. If you treat it simply as a way to make a quick buck overnight from home you will probably be miserably disappointed as-well as cash strapped.

There is no quick way to making money online and anyone who tells you that is probably not making any money either, so prepare to learn a few new skills, expect to invest in your business and stay well away from make money from home scams that promise you that you’ll make millions in a few days or weeks.


To Make Money From Home You Need to Answer These 5 Questions

OK then, So Exactly How Fast Can You Make Money From Home?

Well, dependent on your business plan and most importantly your business system (systems and plans work….who knew?) You might be able to make some money from home in your very first week of starting, however, on the flip side of that first sale, you could then work all year long before you see ANY sign of any returns for your efforts. So what is it then that makes the difference between fast success or miserable failure?

To Make Money From Home You Need to Answer These 5 Questions.

Answer these 5 questions honestly when starting a home based business.

1. Do You Have a Solid Business Model and System to Follow?

What business model or system are you utilising? You must not only ensure that you have a good product or service to offer when starting a home based business, but arguably more importantly you will need a strategy and a proven system to follow that will hasten your success. So by finding a business system that you know is working for others is a great way to start which can mean you avoiding many of the mistakes that new online businesses can and do make.

2. How Will Your Customers Find You?

There used to be an old saying on the Internet “Build it and They Will Come” Meaning that all you had to do to make money was to build a Website and your customers would arrive in their millions. That may well have been the case in the early days (Dotcom bubble) but sadly not any more. If you want customers (commonly known as “traffic” in the
online space) you have to have a traffic strategy.

You can only make money from home if you have a constant and predictable flow of customers. For an online business this means traffic to your website or online sales pages. Now there are numerous traffic generation strategies (too many to go into detail in this blog post) But usually they are only divided up into 2 categories which are paid traffic and free traffic.

Some examples of paid traffic are:

Pay-per-click (PPC)
Media Buying (Banner ads etc)
Ezine Advertising (Think of magazine advertising)
Solo ads (email marketing)

Some examples of Free traffic are:

Article marketing
Video Marketing (YouTube etc)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When deciding on your marketing methods it is worth noting, that the generally if you want quick and easily measurable results then paid advertising will give this to you, if you are on a very low budget or have no budget at all, then FREE methods such as blogging and article marketing is for you.

The best way to look at it is this, if you have money to spend and very little time then go down the paid route, but if you have time and very little money, then obviously use the free methods. Having said that a mix of paid and free will work best. But whichever you choose focus on one method at a time and get good at it before learning another.

To Make Money From Home You Need to Answer These 5 Questions.

To Make Money From Home You Need to Answer These 5 Questions

3. You MUST Have a List Building Strategy?

There is a well known saying in the online business world that says “the money is in the list”. And whilst this is true to a certain degree, a much more accurate statement is “The Money is in The Relationship You Have With Your List” Now obviously there is a lot more to list building than this statement, and you can read more detail about list building in this blog post here.  <==

Basically, if you want to have a successful home based business and make money from home when you like (and from anywhere) you need to build a database of prospects and customers that you can build a relationship with, grow over time and continually market to them for as long as they remain on your list.

List building itself requires a much more detailed explanation, so it is probably a good idea to READ THIS next<==

4. Have You Set-up and Effective Marketing Funnel?

This means that you have a clearly defined set of steps that every one of your prospects and customers go through within your sales process.

For example – they start as a lead, they receive something of value for free from you, they buy a low price product, they join a membership scheme, they buy a mid-price product, they get more rewards, they buy a high price product.  Then the cycle starts again. This is called a Sales Funnel which you can find out more about in this blog post here.

5. Do You Have Access to a Training and Support System or Network?

Now, let’s look at question 5 logically.

If you were starting new employment, you would expect a certain amount of training to be given to you from the start. So, why should it be any different when starting a home based business?

Being a home business owner and entrepreneur can be very lonely, and sometimes when the going gets tough (which it will) you need the support to help you overcome your obstacles, so make sure you have a system to ensure you receive the training and support from your mentors, as learning from those who have gone before, and have made the mistakes already, is the surest way for you to become profitable more quickly.

If you don’t have answers for all of the above questions, DO NOT WORRY. It does not mean that you will not have any success. However, your success also depends on how quickly you can put into practice each step that you need to take to set up the business in the first place and to make money fast.

So for a step by step guide on starting a home based business, and some fast track training CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW NOW!

All the best
To Make Money From Home You Need to Answer These 5 Questions

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