How To Get More People To Notice Your Advertising

How To Get More People To Notice Your Advertising

How To Get More People To Notice Your Advertising

HEADLINES are one of your biggest weapons to get more people to notice your advertising!

Now you’re using headlines, aren’t you? And NOT your logo – that’s NOT a headline. Only one person cares about your logo, AND THAT’S YOU.

Whereas, a headline is something every single one of your prospects will be glued to like a kid on a cartoon. Whatever you’re writing, you’ve simply GOT TO HAVE A HEADLINE! But here’s the killer, there are good headlines and bad headlines, so what I’m going to give you in this blog post today, is an absolute killer headline template that you should use EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU ADVERTISE!

Remember, a headline’s goal is to do one thing only – STOP YOUR PROSPECT IN THEIR TRACKS AND LOCK THEM ONTO YOUR AD, and some people say you only have 1.5 seconds to catch their attention, so THEREFORE YOU HOPEFULLY SEE the importance of making your headlines stand out EVERY TIME!

Master copywriter David Ogilvy has said… “On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.  When you’ve written your headline, you’ve spent 80 cents out of your dollar.”

So if you’re using your own logo at the top of your ad, you could improve your response IMMEDIATELY, just by sticking ANY kind of headline up instead!

So, if you’ve read this far it’s probably safe for me to assume that you’d like to know one of the great secrets for writing headlines that literally slap your prospect in the face and demand they open their wallet?

Good, so here it is….


So, don’t try and reinvent the wheel, the best way to come up with fantastic headlines is to take what already works, and adapt it to your own business.  Isn’t that simple?

How To Get More People To Notice Your Advertising

How To Get More People To Notice Your Advertising

Here’s an absolute knock-’em-dead blockbuster template for a headline:

Don’t pay another phone bill until you read this…

Don’t buy any makeup products until you read this…

Don’t run another ad until you read this…

Do you see how powerful this is?  And I’ve shown you 3 different versions, so all you have to do is apply it to your own business and you could easily double or even triple your responses!

How about these headlines:

“Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Money?”

“Do You Make These Mistakes Playing Golf?”

“Do You Make These Mistakes In Bed?”

“Do You Make These Mistakes Baking Cakes?”

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea.  This particular headline works on your curiosity.  It gets the reader to say to them selves, “maybe I’d better read on and find out.”

The main thing you really want your headline to do is to get your reader to be interested enough to see what else you’ve got to say.  MAKE AN IMPACT!  Remember the old saying ‘first impressions last’?  Well that saying still applies today.

And now that we’re bombarded with up to 5,000 advertising messages each day, it’s more important than ever to stand out and BE NOTICED!   So if you have a headline that literally screams out, READ ME, then you’ll be more than half way to having an effective advertising campaign that starts making profits for your business!

Remember the 80 cents out of each advertising dollar?  Well now you know how to focus your efforts to have the maximum impact!

So, thanks for reading this post today. Please let me know how you get on with your headline writing and advertising efforts.

All the best.

How To Get More People To Notice Your Advertising

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