4 Smart Outsourcing Tips To Save You Time

4 Smart Outsourcing Tips To Save You Time

4 Smart Outsourcing Tips To Save You Time

There are many ways for you to outsource online, which unfortunately means there’s also plenty of opportunity to get it wrong!

Now, in my 6 years online I can tell you that I’ve made many mistakes when it comes to outsourcing.  But you can avoid these mistakes!

So today, to stop you from making the same costly mistakes as me, I’ll be outlining the Top 4 outsourcing tips that every marketer needs to know.

So read on……

1. Take your time.

There are many websites you can use to research your outsourcing requirements, such as: Elance.com & Odesk.com, Freelancer.com, Guru.com  and even Craigslist.com so there’s no excuses for not getting it right at this stage, just take your time, create your accounts (free) post your outsourcing requirements and simply wait for the response.

2. Don’t be afraid to pay high.

The responses and bids you receive on your jobs can vary quite a lot in prices, so you’ll need to have a good selection policy in place to make sure you choose the right person for your job, but remember that a low price doesn’t always equal value for money, as you may end up needing the job done again.

My advice is to treat each applicant as if you where employing them, i.e. Ask for a resume, speak to them via Skype if possible, and ALWAYS ask to see an example of their work.

Most people will willingly send you their resumes anyway, which obviously will include any experience they may have.

3. Find a person who offers a variety of work

If you want to save money but you need work on many projects, try paying somebody monthly to do all sorts of tasks for you. This will save you lots of money in the long run.

4. Define CLEARLY what you want

To avoid making the worker do the same things over and over again, you need to let them know exactly what you want the first time, so make sure you have a clearly defined job description to send to them, this will remove any confusion regarding the tasks you want them to perform right from the outset.

These 4 tips are based on what I’ve found using outsourcers myself, so hopefully they’ll help you to avoid making the same (sometimes costly) mistakes I’ve made in the past. So, take note, and you’ll find somebody who’ll want to work for you for many years, and help you grow your business.

All the best

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4 Smart Outsourcing Tips To Save You Time

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