The Dore Lectures by Thomas Troward

This is a very powerful statement from The Dore Lectures on Mental Science
by Thomas Troward.

“My mind is a centre of Divine operation. The Divine operation is always for
expansion and fuller expression, and this means the production of something
beyond what has gone before, something entirely new, not included in past
experience, though proceeding out of it by an orderly sequence of growth.
Therefore, since the Divine cannot change its inherent nature, it must operate
in the same manner in me; consequently in my own special world, of which I am
the centre, it will move forward to produce new conditions, always in advance
of any that have gone before.”

I have found that by memorizing and internalizing this statement, and repeating
it to myself aloud, numerous times a day, along with a positive statement of
gratitude, that the things I am focused on and determined to receive appear
in my life on a truly remarkable level.

So make a commitment to yourself today. Make a commitment that you will do
the same as I do, do this and you will be amazed at your results.

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