The Top 7 Twitter Marketing Tools.

As the hype surrounding Twitter continues to grow, so does the innovation. There’s now a whole host of applications at your fingertips to help you understand yours and your competitors’ performance; find out the latest trends and gain industry insight.

When you find the right mix of tools, Twitter can be a prolific and social place for fulfilling valuable communication.

With that in mind, here’s our hot-pick tools guaranteed to improve your microblogging experience…

The first Twitter challenge is actually finding and following the people who matter
to you and your company. To get you started, try Twellow for a ‘yellow pages’ style directory that allows you to search for people by area of expertise or profession all to way from A-Z.

Twitter is a place where words of mouth rules, so find out who is talking about you,
your company and your products or services across the twitter-sphere using Twitterfall’s
custom search queries. It will also help you find out who is chatting about the topics you are interested in so that you can join the conversation.

Now you know what’s being said about you, take a snoop into what you competitors
are up to. What do they tweet about? How frequently do they tweet? Do they use hashtags or share URLs? gives you the answers to all these questions and more, including interesting stats that will help impress the boss, including your competitors’ average tweets per day, commonly tweeted keywords and social participation ratio.

But Twitter is just a way to update people what you had for lunch, right? Wrong! If
you’re serious about using Twitter as an element within your larger social media strategy you’re going to need measurement because, lets face it- in tougher economic times like these, no campaign is complete without it. There are plenty of measurement tools out there that enable you to follow feedback and optimize your campaigns real-time.

Try trackable urls like which offers a goldmine of data on consumer behaviour and trends as well insight into the usage of your links. Tweetreach does what it says on the tin and measures the exposure of your Tweets by calculating the number of people who saw something you shared (taking into account Retweets). Team this with web analytics you can get a solid understanding of how many leads came via Twitter.

By now the possibility of all this data may be making you sweat, so we’ll finish with one of the simplest tools around that helps you manage all your Twitter accounts from one single place and even connect with your other social networking platforms such as Facebook. Step forward the mighty TweetDeck.

It’s already established itself as the second most popular way to tweet after itself and with a version now available for the iphone it’s one of the easiest ways to stay organised and up to date.

So there you have it, my simple guide to some of the tools at hand to improve your
Twitter experience. I know there are plenty more out there, so why not leave a comment and share yours?

To Your AWESOME Success.


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