Lost Traveller or Accidental Tourist

Life has been like a road, some roads are big, and some are small. Some are straight & some are topsy turvy. As roads would have it, there are crossroads in life as well. The most confusing, baffling, difficult whatever you call it, is the crossroad in life.

When we face a crossroad, the mind comes to a standstill as to which road to take? Which
road is going to take us where! There are few roads, which will lead you to happiness, fame, glory, and fortune, but on the other hand there are few which would take you towards sadness, failure, defeat, disappointments.

We have to decide which road we would take with completely no clue where we going to land at the end! No assurances No guarantees! Since life offers us no guarantees and
assurances, it’s better to take that risk and make that decisions because unless
we don’t decide, and go that way we will never know whether the decision was
right or wrong.

Instead of standing on the crossroad better to move forward. It’s not always that the road,
which we think is right for us, is going to give us happiness, there are certainly going to be heartbreaks. You might not achieve what you had thought, but at least you tried. We really do not have power on the outcome but we definitely have the power of our decisions. Taking risks, does not mean to decide in the spur of a moment! Think and then move forward.

If we had known that the road we are choosing is a wrong one and it can make us lost, or
the outcome is going to be bad, we would have never decided to go that way. We will only know about the outcome once we walk that road, whether the decision was correct or worthless.

When we have to choose, we need to analyze the options we have, sometimes the options
are many, sometimes very few and sometimes none at all. We need to weigh the pros and cons, make option of our own if we don’t have any! But at no point take decision haphazardly.

We cannot find that confidence to decide at times, especially when we have no idea what
the consequences are going to be. Trust yourself and think that it’s the best decision at that point of time. Do not regret it whatever the outcome, learn from it and make better decisions in future. Always remember life will give us more chances to make right decisions.

And after all, I believe it’s all the matter of perspective, as to what you want to be a lost traveller or accidental tourist, because you never know which road opens which new horizon!

Shazneen Pathak is a daughter, sister, wife and a mother, now settled in Muscat with her loving husband and a adorable 6 year old son..

Family is the undisputed most important thing to her. She treasures  the time spent with
her family.  Apart, from that she loves doing yoga and thoroughly enjoy sipping green tea. Reading and writing have been her hobby since childhood and she pursues it now in her free time. She believe’s  that living is taking a journey, and life is a eternal quest about knowing oneself. That’s exactly what she is  doing challenging herself and rediscovering her  hidden talents.


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