Finish What You Started

What things have you started and never finished?

What dreams are still waiting for you in a file marked, “Unfinished Business?”

Isn’t it time to dust them off and head toward the finish line?

God didn’t create to to start this life. He created you to finish it!

“I believe in you!”

Do YOU Believe in Yourself.

Watch the Video below, then…………….

go to  “The Empower Network”

and  “Finish What You Started”

Let The Words of John Stephen Akhwari be your Inspiration.

After crossing the finish Line in last place in the 68 Mexico Olympic Marathon, and asked why he had carried on, he simply said “My country did not send me five thousand miles to start the race. They sent me five thousand miles to finish the race.”

So go-ahead and FINISH.

All The Best.


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