A Home Based Business Lesson

A Home Based Business Lesson

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A while back I wrote about the show “King Of Queens.”

Remember that?

It told the story about the episode where the main characters got swindled by a water filter company MLM type deal.  And the lesson was actually quite valuable to anyone who is looking for a home based business.

Well, guess what?

There is ANOTHER episode with a great business lesson. Although not quite as obvious as the other one.

Basically, Doug (the main character) and Carrie (his wife) get into a weird predicament.  Their friend is evicted from her apartment and comes and stays with them.  To help out, she makes Doug all kinds of great meals for him and his friends.  Basically cooking him whatever he wants.  Carrie, on the other hand, is stuck upstairs each day working on a report for her boss, and Doug starts to think of them as two wives:

His “upstairs wife” (his real wife) who does her, uhm, wifely duties, and his “downstairs wife” who makes all his favorite foods, etc.

He has sort of the best of both worlds….

…and does everything he can to keep this arrangement going as long as possible (including sabotaging Carrie, his “upstairs wife”, so her report takes longer to complete).

A Home Based Business Lesson

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Anyway, here’s the point:

When you first start off in business, it’s almost the same way. You have your “upstairs” income, and your “downstairs” income. Your upstairs income is your business. It’s the one you should be “married” to,  so to speak.

Your “downstairs” income would be your job (whatever pays the bills while you give whatever attention you can spare to your upstairs income).

But unlike Doug, you want to kick the downstairs income out.

It should be temporary.

In fact, it’s almost a BAD thing if you get a raise at your job or if it’s too comfortable.  As it will make you less motivated to build your business.

This happens all the time, too.

And is something to watch out for.

To build a solid “upstairs” income fast (even if you don’t have a lot of time),

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