What is Article Marketing And How To Get Traffic From Article Directories?

Article marketing is a form of promotion which can be done for nearly any website that you may have.

Article directories require that you write, generally about 500 words of good content, and when you place the link of your website at the bottom, it’s used as both a back link and a great way to get some instant traffic.

Article marketing is a very simple way to get some good backlinks out there pointing back to your website site. But What most people don’t understand, is exactly how to get tons of traffic from this source of marketing.

The best way to get traffic from these articles is to focus on longtail keywords related to your niche. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the IM niche or the golf niche, there are many longtail keywords that you can target.

Try using Google’s keyword tool to look for some good keywords that you can try ranking for. Once you find one good keyword to rank for, include that keyword in your article in the first sentence, the middle of the article, the last paragraph, and the last sentence.

This will definitely help that article rank quickly on the search engines. I suggest also using high quality authority Article Websites such as Ezine Articles or Go-Articles, as there is a good chance that you won’t need to spend as much time on gaining back links once the article is posted.

If the keyword has nearly no competition, your article could get ranked almost instantly once it’s accepted.

A good tip worth remembering though, is to always try and market into the mini niches. What I mean is this: If you have an affiliate site on golf for example, try writing articles about certain parts of the overall Golf game (sub-niche) like improving sand trap shots, putting, improving mental game, or having a longer drive.

By creating articles that are focusing on the sub-niche, you can begin to dominate with longtail keywords which theoretically at least, should be easier and faster to rank for.

To Your “AWESOME” Success

Jon Leuty.

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