How to Make Your email Marketing Campaign a Success

How to Have a Successful email Marketing Campaign!

When you begin an email marketing campaign, you don’t start with the marketing email, do you? If you do, you are really missing the boat on this one. Affiliate marketing email campaigns do not begin with a marketing email. They begin with an opening email. The actually marketing email doesn’t come until much later.

IMPORTANT! You don’t sell the product or service for which you launch your email
marketing campaign in the marketing email itself. The selling of your product or service must be done way before the actual marketing email itself is sent.

The marketing campaign email for the product or service comes last. The selling is done first. Most of the affiliate marketers I know, believe that by simply sending a marketing email  to the members of their opt-in lists is sufficient. Not only is it not sufficient, it’s not even CLOSE. These days , a combination selling and marketing email is an absolute no-no in affiliate marketing.

So, How Do You Make Your email Marketing Campaign a Success Then?

First you make the recipients of your opt-in list aware that something is about to happen…..something good….something exciting. You’ve heard about using a tease in
your subject line but what we are talking about here is a whole email that is meant to
tease and to entice and also cause anticipation.

This kind of email is called a pre-sell email. The object of this email is to advertise and extoll the virtues of a product or service that isn’t yet available and to make the members of your list see the advantages for themselves that this product or service can provide for them. You need to have them eagarly anticipating the arrival of your actual marketing message….the one that will send them scrambling for their credit cards because they already know that they want and need whatever it is that you are offering.

If you do the actual marketing email  correctly, it should be very short. It should contain only short sentences and short paragraphs. It will have bullet points. That kind of email doesn’t afford you the opportunity to do much convincing. The convincing needs to have already been accomplished.

Your pre-sell emails can prime the pump, so to speak. They give you the opportunity to
list the value they can provide to the members of your list. They afford you the opportunity
to list the virtues of the product or service that you will be marketing well in advance of
the actual marketing email and you can do it more that once.

You aren’t, for example limited to sending only one pre-sell email to your list, you can send more if you want to, and you actually probably should. Repetition works, more importantly, repetition of a sales message is a proven selling technique.

You MUST remember however, that when you send pre-sell email messages to your list they still need to conform to the same standards that ALL marketing emails  should adhere to.

So, What Should the Pre-Sell emails Say?

Your first pre-sell message can announce the fact that the product or service is on the
horizon or Coming Soon.

The second pre-sell message can announce that the arrival of the product or service is imminent…..but not quite here yet.

The third ( & you can send any number of pre-sell emails you like, but best practice is to try to limit to a max of about 5 ) You offer to let the members of your list pre-order the product or service so that they are sure to get it, sometimes you could even offer a discount or gift at this point.

Pre-selling a product or service isn’t just important by the way. It is an absolute vital part of affiliate marketing and one that you need to embrace and get good at, if you are to become an expert affiliate marketer.

If you pre-sell your product or service effectively in your pre-selling marketing emails, most of the selling will have already been accomplished and you can move on to counting your sales and your profits.

All the Best.

Jon Leuty
Leading Marketing Consultant
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