How to Make Your email Marketing Influential!

How Influential Can Your email Marketing be?

..Keep your eye on the prize!.. ..Keep your eye on the ball!.. Those are both old sayings and ones that have been paraphrased many times and many ways but the message is always the same. Don’t forget what’s important!

There can be many distractions when you are an email marketer. When you are writing an important marketing email you can get distracted by the necessity of using the right form or keeping your sentences short or a dozen other things.

The ..ball.. or the ..prize.. that you need to keep your eye on is that the objective of your marketing email is to entice the recipients to act on your recommendations and, in fact, drag out those credit cards and buy whatever it is that you are selling or even to visit your website and take advantage of a free gift that you are giving away.

Sometimes, however, the problem can be the form that is used in your marketing email. It is important that the message be clear and that the main points are in bulleted form so that the email can be scanned easily by the recipients. Remember to use, short
sentences and short paragraphs. Don’t use all capital sentences and curb your enthusiastic use of exclamation marks.

Sometimes the whole problem can be summed up in just one word: procrastination. We seem to be a nation of procrastinators. We never do today what can be put off until tomorrow or, even better, indefinately. Can you imagine what would happen to the tax system if April 15th were only a suggestion and not an absolute deadline? Let’s see a showing of hands of all those who would meet a suggested tax filing deadline!

So is There a Formula to Use Within Your email Marketing Message Then?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were some sort of tried and tested formula for getting the recipients of your marketing email, to take action and buy whatever it is you are selling, or download whatever you are giving away? Maybe you shouldn’t suggest that they buy what you are selling when they get around to it or downloading what you are offering at their convenience.Perhaps you should be a bit more emphatic and a bit more specific, set limits and set deadlines.

By telling you to be more emphatic, I am in no way suggesting that you use a lot of exclamation marks or a lot of big capital letter sentences. No. I’m suggesting that when you write your marketing email you use bullet points that will cause the recipients of your marketing email to take action and to take it immediately.

A bullet point that says: For a limited time only!
Isn..t going to be all that effective.

A bullet point that says: This offer expires at midnight on November 10th!
is much more effective because it gives a specific deadline.

A bullet point that says: This is a limited offer!
Isn’t going to be very effective either.

But one that says: This offer is limited to the first 200 applicants!
Might just get some action. Everybody wants to be first…even though they will also  procrastinate given the opportunity.

The point is to provide the members of your opt-in list with an very good reason to take action and to take that action immediately.

It could be that you goofed and word-wrapped the links in your marketing email. Many email programs do not deliver word wrapped links. All the recipient will see is the words…there will be no link to click on. Remember to include full URL.

Keep your eye on the ball! Remember that the main objective is to get the members of your opt-in email list to click on the links you provide within your email marketing message.

Jon Leuty
Leading Marketing Consultant
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