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Nobody loves motivational quotes more than I do. But be very careful because every once in a while you’ll find a quote that might sound good but isn’t true. And if you believe that quote, it might actually do some harm.

Let me tell you a story…

It was the most important Little League game of Eric’s life. He was 11 years old and his team, the Pirates, were playing the Giants in the championship game.

It was the bottom of the sixth inning and the Pirates were ahead 2-1. But the Giants had the bases loaded with two outs and their best hitter was at bat.

He hit an easy fly ball to Bobby, the Pirate’s right fielder. Bobby circled under the ball as everyone held their breath. The ball fell into his glove and then bounced out. Bobby scrambled for the ball, but by the time he decided where to throw it, two Giants had scored.

Final score:
Giants 3
Pirates 2

It would be “wait until next year” for the Pirates.

As the Pirates moped off the field, something totally unexpected happened. Their manager started yelling and screaming at Bobby. “You lost the game for us. You cost us the championship!”

Crying, Bobby ran off the field and vanished into the woods.

After the game, Eric went to meet his parents in the parking lot, but his dad wasn’t there. His mom said he had something to do. On the drive home, a dejected Eric saw something that startled him.

Way in the distance, Eric saw his dad walking Bobby home. His dad had his arm around the kid who probably felt like he didn’t have a friend in the world.

Eric never forgot the kindness his dad showed that evening.

As the years passed, whenever Bobby saw Eric’s dad, he always greeted him warmly and enthusiastically because he never forgot, either.

So whenever I hear stories like this one, I think of this quote:

“Winning is not the only thing, it’s everything.”

This quote makes my blood boil because the manager in the story actually believed it. He believed that winning a Little League game was “everything” and that the feelings of a fragile 11 year old boy were “nothing.”

The truth of the matter is that winning is not the only thing. Winning is not everything.

Real winners don’t necessarily hit home runs or make spectacular catches. Real winners know how to be kind. Eric’s dad was a winner.

Here’s a quote that is true and will make you a winner if you believe it:

“Winning is not the only thing, but kindness is everything.”

Rob Gilbert
From Bits & Pieces.

So who have YOU been kind to today?

“Make EVERY Day an AWESOME Day”,

Jon Leuty
Leading Marketing Consultant
Empower Network

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