What Is So Great About An Email Follow Up?

What Is So Great About An Email Follow Up?

If you are in business, any kind of business then it is important for you to learn how to make your customers and clients happy. The first rule of doing this is to make them feel listened to and appreciated. By far the easiest way to do this in the digital age is to use an email follow up every time you get a message from one of them.

This can be done in a number of different ways, it does not matter which one you choose as long as you do choose one kind of email follow up.

So What is The Best Form of Email Follow Up?

These days the most common kind of email follow up is the autoresponder kind.
With this kind of email follow up you use a special kind of software program, (Such as the type provided by Aweber or Get Response) one that will take all of the hard work and wasted time out of having to send follow-ups manually.

With an autoresponder service all you have to do is tell it what to say when someone sends you an email and it will do it to perfection every single time. This is the easiest and the fastest way to deal with email follow up.

So are There any Drawbacks to Using Email Follow Up? 

There is only one drawback to an email follow up sent with an autoresponder service software program and that is that it can seem inpersonal, as the exact same message will get sent to every single person that sends you an email to that address. However, with most of the programs out there it is now relatively easy to personalize your emails  so they at least appear to be directed at the individual recipient.

Obviously, when you can get back to them with a more individualised and personalized email follow up in response to their questions or problems, it adds to the personal touch and lets your customers or clients know how much you appreciate their business.

So When Would You Use an Email Follow Up?

There are 3 Main reasons why you should use automatic email follow ups in your business, and these are as follows:

1) As prospects join your email list, it can be used as a method of welcoming them and thanking them for subscribing. Automating this process makes more sense the bigger your email list becomes, as to respond to each subscriber in person becomes an almost impossible task for one individual to handle.

2) You can send out regular special offers to thousands of subscribers at once, at any interval and time YOU choose, thereby making your sales process much more effective and obviously increasing your profit margin.

3) Your database of clients, customers and prospects becomes a REAL asset which you can continue to grow and nurture on a daily basis.

Different businesses require different kinds of responses so talk to some of your peers in business, what do they do and what works for them in terms of email follow up/ You should also ask them what has not worked, perhaps that way you will be able to avoid making the same mistakes.

I hope this blog post proves useful to you, please tell me what you think by leaving your comments below.

All the best

Jon Leuty
Online Marketing Specialist
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