Self-improvement in 7 Days

Self-improvement in 7 Days

So what does Self-improvement actually mean, and how do you go about improving yourself  anyway?  Well follow this simple 7 day program and you can begin, in earnest, to slowly see this improvement happen right before your very eyes.

Self-improvement in 7 Days

Self-improvement in 7 Days

Step 1. What is Your Purpose?

Stop your meandering through your life and identify your purpose. A purpose helps youbecome persistent and resilient when the time comes for you to use these qualities.  A definite purpose gets rid of any confusion that can quite often arise when you are attempting to choose a meaningful goal.

With your definite purpose, any loneliness or failings you may be feeling simply fade away and you become a necessary part of something much larger. To identify your life purpose or mission statement, it is suggested that you find a peaceful environment —a place where your spiritual essence can shine. Identify your life purpose and/or mission statement and you will have your very own completely unique compass, that can lead you to your truth every single time.

Self-improvement in 7 Days

Step 2. What is Your Vision?

The vision that you present to yourself must be clear, large and more magnificent than any of the conditions or circumstances which are currently present in your world right now!
It is this vision you hold in your mind, which will harmonize with your purpose and create the inspiration that will cause you to stretch beyond anything you have done before.

The vision which you hold in your mind, will also determine the frequency of your thoughts.  So the larger and clearer your vision is, the bigger, better and more effective the
ideas will be that will begin to flow into your consciousness. There are many, many reasons and far too many benefits to list here, for building your vision.

But the greatest of all the benefits you will receive from creating your vision, will be the order that your vision will establish in your mind, because, the result of the order in your mind, will be the reflection of that order which will be manifested in every aspect of your reality.

Self-improvement in 7 Days

Step 3. Identify Your Goals.

Your goals must be something you WANT … and you must really want it. Your goals must create, in you, both excitement and fear at the same time. They should excite you because they should be something that you truly want… they should scare you because they will not be in harmony with your old or current mental conditioning.

Your goals will come from a completely different dimension of thought, and what will happen is this, once the goal and the old or current mental conditioning find themselves together, this will create, in you, the emotion of fear, and this my friends is precisely what keeps people stuck in their tracks, quite often producing the same results year on year, on year.

Self-improvement in 7 Days

So by creating your goals you will be facing the things you fear, and proceeding in theface of fear but remaining emotionally involved with your higher vision, ideals and goals, is the known process that can and will change your old or current mental conditioning.

Don’t spend any time wondering or worrying how you will reach your goal either. You don’t need to know how you will reach your goal, that is not important, nor is it your job, your job is to visualise yourself already in possession of it, God’s job is to bring it to you. However, your goals MUST fit your vision, and must be 100% in absolute complete harmony with your purpose.

Self-improvement in 7 Days

Step 4. Know Your Passions.

What do you truly enjoy in life? This is a great question to ask yourself.  Once you know your passions, what motivates you? What gets you up in the morning? What is your WHY?Answer these questions and your obstacles (such as doubt and fear) will remain only obstacles, put there ONLY to slow you down, NOT to stop you.

Remember, if you want to have more, you must do more and if you’re going to do more, you have to be more, so become the person you CAN be, follow your passions, express yourself and honour the people who have inspired you.

Self-improvement in 7 Days

Step 5. Know Your Values.

Come up with a list of your top 5 values, as you then begin to set your goals, check them against your values, if they are not in congruence with each other you may need to refineor revise them.  Make sure your list of values is an inspiration NOT a burden.

Self-improvement in 7 Days

Step 6. Live Your Life From the Inside Out.

Meditate daily, and increase the awareness of your own inner wisdom. Get out into nature and take regular exercise.  I understand how difficult this can be if you lead a busy life and live in the city, but once you begin to reap the rewards from as little as only 5-10 mins of regular meditation, mixed with 10 mins of regular exercise you will begin to realise that this is a very important part of becoming a better you.

Relaxing music does it for me, but you will find your own meditation method in time, with regular practice.

Self-improvement in 7 Days

Step 7. Live Authentically.

When you are true to yourself, to who you are, you find the greatest of pleasure in serving others. When you live authentically and are living your true purpose by serving others, you will find that what you give comes back to you in abundance! As a result, you find that you develop an inner sense of being. Because when you are true to who you are, living your purpose with passion and vision, you are giving to others and sharing your very spirit, and the rewards for sharing your spirit are in fact massive abundance from The Universe in return.

And THAT my friends is indeed how you become a better you.

All the best.



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