How to Analyse Your Website or Blog Traffic

How to Analyse Your Website or Blog Traffic

How to Analyse Your Website or Blog Traffic

Assuming you are hoping to generate (or maybe already are) an income from your home based business website or blog, understanding how your traffic uses your website and what your conversion figures are is paramount to the success of your business.

If you are using your website to generate revenue in any way (who isn’t?) then it is of vital importance that you understand how your visitors are converting from prospects to customers, but perhaps more importantly, why they aren’t, and what you can do about it.

So in this article I will discuss Conversion Analytics, which covers a wide range of tools and approaches you can use to find out what’s really happening.  Used correctly, you will be able to increase your traffic conversion and improve the following key areas in your home based business:

·Targeting the right prospects with the right offers.

·Investing your time and money with the right leads.

·Enable you to accurately predict your monthly and quarterly revenues.

·Will allow you to understand how your competitor behaviour can affect your business.

·Will enable you to launch new products in an effective manner.

·Test your offers and/or campaigns to identify budget deficiencies.

How to Analyse Your Website or Blog Traffic

How to Analyse Your Website or Blog Traffic

1. Who Visits your website?

The starting point for all of this, and the beginning for you in the understanding of your website analytics, is to establish exactly who your visitors are.  To do this you can use tools such as Google Analytics,  Core Metrics and Site Intel,  as well as tracking the actions of your registered users (if you have them) on your website or blog.

All these tools mentioned above, on their own, are not enough, as they all have varying degrees of accuracy,  however when used in conjunction with each other they can help you build a better picture as to what is going on with your home based business website or blog.

How to Analyse Your Website or Blog Traffic

2. How Did Your Visitors Get There?

The next thing you need to understand with your website or blog metrics is, how the different channels can work together in order to deliver the most profitable visitors to your website or blog.  You can do this by using tools such as Kenshoo and Atlas.

You see, once you can do this, you can more intelligently assess the impact these different channels can have right across the complete buying cycle.  Also you can then investigate any first click or last click issues, or both, and then begin to gain a better understanding of the importance of generic keywords.

How to Analyse Your Website or Blog Traffic

How to Analyse Your Website or Blog Traffic

3. What Did Your Visitors do Once They Arrived at Your Website or Blog?

Generally, you will have a pretty vague idea as to what your visitors do when they get to your home based business website or blog, and in most cases What you think users will do is very different from what they actually do anyway.

However, again there are tools out there which you can use to give you a more accurate picture of your visitors actions.  For example, you can use usability tools such as Click Tale, Eye Mapping and user behaviour insight, to identify the weaker area of your business.  Again, each of these tools have different levels of effectiveness, and quite often it will depend on the nature of your home based business and more importantly what data you are looking for.

How to Analyse Your Website or Blog Traffic

4. Landing Page Optimisation

Having spent your business advertising budget on banner ads and PPC campaigns, and spent time with the search engine optimisation of your website or blog, you obviously don’t want to lose them at the very first hurdle, your business landing page.

So, you can use Google Website Optimiser, Omniture’s Test & Target, Multi Variate Testing and A/B testing to test and fine-tune your landing page, (it’s appearance etc) by removing the subjective elements of your business landing page design, this enables you to let your users decide which landing page layout performs the best and therefore enables you to reap the rewards of increased conversion rates.

How to Analyse Your Website or Blog Traffic

So that’s it, make use of the advice above and you will soon understand, and therefore be able to improve your website or blog traffic conversions for your home based business.

All the best.


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