How Brainstorming Can Make You Rich With Affiliate Marketing

How Brainstorming Can Make You Rich With Affiliate Marketing

Brainstorming Can Make You Rich With Affiliate Marketing

When first starting out on the road to affiliate marketing success, and trying to establish if the particular niche or marketplace you are looking at is profitable, there are a number of questions which crop up every time which you should find the answers to first, these are as follows, but are in no particular order:

– Does the niche have a large hungry market in which people are already buying?

– Are there good quality and relevant products or services to promote within this niche?

– Can I be passionate about this topic?

– Is there a long term future for this niche?

– What competition is there?

– How much profit can be made?

But the very first thing you should ask yourself is “Am I interested in this niche?” On top of this, if you are able to answer yes to one or both of the following questions, then you are already in an advantageous position :-

– “Do I have sufficient knowledge about this niche subject now?”

– “Am I willing to put in the necessary effort in order to learn about the subject, if not?”

You see, once you start to produce articles about a particular topic which you have (or at least appear to have) a certain degree of knowledge, the result usually culminates in more traffic to your offers, which hopefully means more sales as well!

So, that’s great I hear you say, but what about the subject matter, how do YOU know what to write about?  Well you start off by brainstorming some ideas:

Brainstorming Ideas for Your Articles.

Start by considering the following questions, this will help you to come up with a list of niche ideas to begin with:

• Do you have a hobby which you are particularly passionate about?

• Is there a subject in which you have some expertise?

• Is there a particular sport in which you participate?

• Have you a particular topic you regularly like to read about?

• Do you have any current skillsets or knowledge particular to your current or previous employment?

As a matter of interest at this point, you do not have to worry about whether or not there is demand for your niche topic yet, that is a separate subject in itself and more info on this can be found in this blog post.

How Brainstorming Can Make You Rich With Affiliate Marketing

Brainstorming Can Make You Rich With Affiliate Marketing

You Don’t Need to be an Expert:

OK, let’s assume you are a keen and passionate gardener, with a knack and a particular passion for growing indoor plants.  So you do some “Google” research and discover that “growing indoor plants” is a popular search term online, getting plenty of monthly
searches,  which quickly tells you that there could be the potential for a lucrative web based Indoor Gardening Business.

Now you need to do some research and collect good quality info for your content, the first steps you can take to find this info are:-

• Go to  and find at least 5 books on the subject.

• Buy a book written by an expert on the subject and read it thoroughly.

• Search on “Google” for some online forums to find out what problems people within your chosen niche are having.

• Search on “Google” for articles already written on “Growing Indoor Plants”.

Brainstorming Can Make You Rich With Affiliate Marketing

Using the tried and tested information and brainstorming methods above , you can quickly find some valuable content for your website or blog, but always remember that your visitors are looking for quality information that will help them solve a particular problem, and when they know that you can provide it, you will be surprised at just how quickly you can become THE go to guy or gal within your niche, and your expert status will begin to grow at a superhuman speed.

And THAT my friends is a wondrous thing indeed!

All the best


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