How Using the Right Words Can Help Your Sales.

How Using the Right Words Can Help Your Sales.

How Using the Right Words Can Help Your Sales.

You probably experience the very fact that Using The Right Words Can Help Your Sales almost EVERY DAY, if you have been online for ANY length of time.  Sales copywriting is absolutely awash with varying degrees of psychological wording designed to get you to buy.

You see, the English language is so rich with vocabulary that even if you are only a half decent copywriter, you’d be hard-pressed NOT to find the right words for any given situation. However, there’s a MASSIVE difference between choosing the perfect words for your Sales page to have the desired effect, and choosing words just for the sake of your ego.

Using flashy words like “amazing” and “mind-blowing” in your copy might seem like a great idea initially, because let’s face it, you want your reader to experience the same feelings as you regarding your product or service, but, get this, rather than simply telling them how great it is, what if your words alone could make THEM tell YOU?  Well read on, as you are about to delve deep into sales copywriting psychology as I reveal to you how using the right words can help your sales:

1. Firstly: Paint the Right Picture:

Most people think in pictures. Try it for yourself! just think of your car or your house and immediately a picture flashes up on the screen of your mind.

Now, carefully consider the words you’re using. What kind of impression do you get when you read them?  How do they make you feel? Remember, you want your sales pages or letters to appeal to your readers’ emotions and press their emotional hot buttons, so simply by infusing your sales copy with “feeling” words like “cozy” instead of small, or “colossal” instead of large, can instantly produce a vivid picture in your reader’s mind.

How Using the Right Words Can Help Your Sales.

How Using the Right Words Can Help Your Sales

2. Secondly: Play on a Person’s Curiosity to Hold Their Interest:

Is there a real human element to your product? Does it have a real-life story or a unique angle for example?  Are there some “wow” factors you could include that would excite your readers and make it seem almost personal to THEM?  And which would have them
exclaim “Wow, I didn’t know that! I wonder what else it can do for me.”

Now, you might think that having small pieces of psychological sales copy interjected throughout your sales message would be a waste of time, but far from it, you’d probably be very surprised to see just how many people appreciate finding out and learning about the “human” side of your product or service!

3. Thirdly: Give Vivid and Detailed Examples:

Lets not forget that there is a skill involved in doing all this (why do you think that good copywriters these days can pretty much name their own price?) so if you find it difficult to play to your readers’ imaginations, then you can help them along their journey by using some specific examples.

Descriptions like these are also perfect for doing great product comparisons. Consider the following:

A “cool rich and creamy summer evening treat” sounds good, but a “silky and decadent banana cream and thick toffee pie” makes your mouth water.  So think about some unusual but purposeful things that you can compare your product to, and remember that your aim should ALWAYS be to try and plant an emotional feeling image into your reader’s mind!

How Using the Right Words Can Help Your Sales

4. Finally: Your Message Should be Easy to Read:

As you are writing, don’t forget to have the product or service that’s at the core of your writing at the fore front. What do I mean? Well, you MUST resist the urge to get carried away with creative words and phrases just for the sake of stroking your own ego and being poetic. Use words that are easy to understand, don’t blind your readers with science. Keep it simple!

Remember, that the whole point of using the right words to sell your product or service, is to take your reader down the road that YOU want them to take and to make the decision that YOU want them to make.

So help your sales explode by following the advice I have given above,  and you will soon see the difference in your results!

Take action TODAY!


How Using the Right Words Can Help Your Sales


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