How to Pick The Perfect Home Business

Post updated Jan 30th 2017

How to Pick The Perfect Home Business

How to Pick The Pefect Home Business

One of my business “heroes” is Jay Abraham.  Now, that name may not mean anything to you,  and if not,  then chances are some day it will,  especially if you decide to join me…..  JOIN HERE …. and learn about marketing.

Jay is one of the marketing world’s pioneers,  and he once gave advice on picking a home business, actually, he was talking about picking the right clients.

But it applies even MORE to picking a home based business.

Anyway, what he did was tell the story of how he helped the company “Icey Hot” (the pain reliever product).  He was asked why he took them on as a client and he said it was the giant stack of customer testimonials.

He was blown away by them. Icey Hot had helped millions of people.And he KNEW then it was a great product. And definitely one worth working with.

How to Pick The Perfect Home Business

How to Pick The Pefect Home Business

Well, guess what? The same applies to picking a home based business.

It’s not just about the money.

It’s also about helping people.

And you can often tell how solid and “for real” a home based business is by the sheer amount of people they’ve helped.

And it’s why a new member joins every 20 minutes.

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