Is Your Vision Clear?

Is Your Vision Clear?

Is Your Vision Clear

The most important thing you can have if you truly want success in your life (both personal and business) is a clear and compelling vision of what you want to be, do and have.

Take note of what master motivator Zig Ziglar said:

“You are where you are and what you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change where you are – you can change what you are – by changing what goes into your mind.”

What a quote that is, and it saddens me to realize just how few people actually understand this, so how does it apply to your life and your business then, how exactly can you change what your mind takes in every day, and how can you take advantage of this change and use it skyrocket you towards the success you desire and actually deserve to have in
your life?

Well, lets start off with the basics, (it’s certainly not rocket science this) my belief is that there are three things you can and should do every day that will magnify your chances of real success, and enhance your enthusiasm and motivate you to ensure you keep going, especially when the going gets a little tough.

Just remember that the key to this technique lies in taking ACTION on a consistent basis. However, the good news is that the entire process takes only minutes, yet the effect can last all day.

For it to be effective though, this is best done every day; not something you do once but never again.“

Make sure your goals and dreams are big, I mean REEEEAAAAAAAAALLLLLY BIG!

Is Your Vision Clear

To succeed in life, and especially in business, you need BIG dreams. Not just goals, DREAMS!

So you may ask, Why do I need a dream?

Well, the reason you need a big dream is simple enough (we mentioned this earlier in this conversation) is because you will hit walls. You will encounter resistance. You will come up against obstacles along your road to success.

The difference between those with a dream and those without, when the inevitable trials come those with a dream react by saying “how can I overcome this challenge?” Those without a dream, tend to say “how do I get out of this?”

My dream was financial and time freedom, but it took me 7 years to get there. However, along the way I learned a massive amount (mostly through my mistakes), made some great money (still do) and formed some long-lasting personal and business relationships and close friendships.

But do you think it was all plain sailing? Of course not! There were many times when I could easily have quit and gone back to my J.O.B. (just over broke) thinking that my dream of true financial and time freedom was too big a dream to chase. But, the fact of the matter is, that it was the size of my dream (relative to where I was at the time) that
continued to drive me forward through the good times and the bad. Until finally, one day I realized I had achieved that very dream.

What is your dream?

•Does it inspire you?
•Does it challenge you?
•Does it scare you (in a good way)?

Find mentors and business experts to inspire you!

It is truly vital to your success that the people you follow, inspire you and make you want to be, do and have more.

With all the bad news in the world today, it’s very easy to forget that there are some truly great people in the world, as well.  Noble people, who are living not just for themselves but to genuinely help others succeed.

Is Your Vision Clear

So lets start right now as I encourage you to take the time to search for and find at least three people, who truly inspire you, and once you find them, make sure you visit them every day and learn from what they do, by:

•Reading their books
•Subscribing to their newsletters and/or their email series
•Visit their websites
•Listen to their interviews

Find every way you can to consume their content. And once you do that, you can model their success. (without directly copying their methods of course).

Let what they do, inspire you in what you do. And then simply go and produce value for your customers. Value that comes from deep within your soul. Value that would make your mentor proud. “

Take time every day to learn and improve.

It is vital that you commit to a continuous educational process. We all need to learn in order for us to earn. When I first started out, one of the first skills I wanted to educate myself in was copywriting. So, I would visit countless websites and read their copy, paying particular attention to the headlines, then, guess what? I would spend hours upon
hours writing out headlines, and as with most repetitive practices, after a while I got pretty good at it!

Then I did the same thing to write better articles, emails and sales letters/pages. Yes! it took lots of work, many late nights and early mornings tied to my computer, but it was all worth it when I look at the business I have today!

The point is this, you certainly don’t need to be a brain surgeon in order to make money online (or offline), but you do need some basic skills, such as:

•Being able to build (or have built) a web presence where people can find you online.
•Creating, or curating, valuable and informative content that actually DOES help people.
•Building a mailing list to keep in regular with your visitors/subscribers.
•Offering valuable products and services you create, have created for you, or believe in to those who trust you.

Is Your Vision Clear

Now, the good news is, that if you do only these things you can build a very successful online business as long as you are focused and committed.

So, take time today and make a list of the three skills you need to develop in order to achieve your dreams.  Then set your goals around those skills in order for you to learn and refine them. Succeeding online can be a mystery, but the fact of the matter is, that there really is no mystery at all.

In my opinion, serving others, delivering value and never quitting on your goals, dreams and desires are the keys to success, and I’ll tell you this, take time to do the three things we have discussed above, and very soon time will become your friend and ally, then before you even know it, your vision and focus will intensify and become crystal clear.

When that happens you will wake up one day knowing that you have happiness and abundance in everything, and you will wonder just where it has been through all of the lean years.

All the best


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