Google Video Ranking How You Too Can Rank Your Video Quickly on Google

Google Video Ranking How You Too Can Rank Your Video Quickly on Google 

Hey Jon here again from The Wealth Mentor with a very important video this morning, I wanted to show you something.

For those of you who follow me you will notice that I recently uploaded a video about choosing the right affiliate program and I wanted to show you the results for that today on Google because you’ll be amazed at where it is already and it’s only been uploaded for 9 hours, anyway lets head on over to Google and I ‘ll show you EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

Hey Jon here from The Wealth Mentor and as you can see we are on Google and I wanted to briefly show you how quickly you can have a video ranking on Google.

Now I did a video yesterday, for those of you that follow me, I did a video yesterday and it was about choosing the best affiliate program and the tips and techniques that I use to do that, by the way you can find that video right here on my blog  but what I wanted to show you today was the results of that video, the results on Google of that video.

Which was only uploaded on Thursday, in fact no! it wasn’t, it was only uploaded earlier this morning, it’s now Friday 4th April and I ‘ll briefly show you there that you can see quickly, here we are on the World Clock and you can see that it’s Friday April 4th at ten to ten so 9.51 am ok? so you can see what day it is.

Google Video Ranking How You Too Can Rank Your Video Quickly on Google

How You Too Can Rank Your Video Quickly on Google

I’m going to go back to Google now and you can see the search term there, that’s what my video was about, how to choose the best affiliate program, on Google ok? you can see there are 52,700,000 results for that keyword search term.

Now, another quick tip here, if you are looking to rank for certain keywords, then a good way to check whether they are worth investing time in or not, is to see whether people are buying ads based on those keywords.

You can see there there is a paid ad at the top, affiliate program, there’s some down the right hand side here, affiliate networks, affiliate programs, affiliate program, so you can see there are people paying to rank for, to put ads on to gain exposure for those keywords.

So they are buying traffic, OK? but I’m talking about organic traffic today and I’m going to tell you that this is my video here, that’s the one I did yesterday, it’s uploaded to Dailymotion as you can see, so this is not even a YouTube video, ranking on Google, and you can see there, it was uploaded by ME nine hours ago.

How You Too Can Rank Your Video Quickly on Google

Now, just so that you know, here we are down here we are on page 1 of Google for that keyword search term and I’m ranking in the organic results, one, two, three, four on the organic results after only nine hours.

The interesting thing for me was, when I upload my videos I upload to many different video sharing platforms, one of which is obviously YouTube, but here we are with a Dailymotion one, and I quite often get this with Dailymotion, it’s a very good video hosting, platform and it’s FREE.

They do have a paid version, but initially it’s FREE, so I would recommend if you DO upload videos to the Internet then one of the places that you should upload to is

By the way, I’m not an affiliate of theirs, but I do highly recommend what they do, and obviously you can see why, because it’s fairly easy, if you know what you are doing, it’s fairly easy to get your videos ranking highly on Google via Dailymotion.

So, I know how to do this, I just wanted to show you that there is proof here.

Google Video Ranking How You Too Can Rank Your Video Quickly on Google

How You Too Can Rank Your Video Quickly on Google

So how to choose the best affiliate program, fifty-two million results, I uploaded my video nine hours ago, it’s Friday the fourth of April, and there it is ranking number four of the organic results, for the web on Google, not even ranking just for videos, it’s for a web search which is what most people do first time anyway.

So it’s very important this stuff, if you would like to know how to do this then all you need to do is to click the link at the end of the video and that will take you over to a website where you can download a FREE report on how to make money on the internet and also give you access to some of my training videos which will show you how to do this.

This is very easy if you know how to do it, and I just wanted to show you how quickly you can rank your videos, on Google, once you know what you are doing.

So this is Jon Leuty, saying have a GREAT day and I will see you on the other side.

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