5 Important Things To Know About when Building a Business Online

5 Important Things To Know About when Building a Business Online

The 5 Important Things to Know About When Building a Business Online

In today’s Blog Post, I would like to reveal some critical components you will need to help you build a successful online business…

So read on to discover The 5 Important Things to Know About When Building a Business Online.

When you start to build your own online business, at first it can seem overwhelming. But just like any new venture, if you have the right ingredients in your online business mix, your journey to success should be much quicker and smoother from the get go!.

Having said that, it’s not essential to have every ingredient fully in place. However, if you take time to study the top internet marketers and their businesses, you’ll see that they will have an element of each one of the ingredients listed in some way or another.

5 Important Things To Know About when Building a Business Online

The 5 Important Things to Know About When Building a Business Online

1. Have A Solid Business Model

The first thing to understand is this “There is no ‘secret shortcut, or push button solution’ to building your online business.  It’s about having a dependable and safe mix of income streams, generating for you consistently, recurring income, affiliate income and high ticket income. BUT THERE WILL BE WORK INVOLVED!

So, what do I mean by Recurring income, Affiliate income and High ticket income? Hopefully I’ve explained a little below:

  • Recurring Income: Also known as passive income. This is where you sell something once (like a software product or membership website subscription). You earn income every month for as long as your customer continues to use it.
  • Affiliate Income: This is where you sell other people’s products and services and earn commission on everything you sell. The product owner takes care of all the payment systems and delivery.
  • High Ticket Income: These are products or services that generate you an income in excess of $1,000 per sale. There is always a market of people who are prepared to invest serious money so that they can transform their life faster and easier in the most effective way possible.

2. Have A List Building Strategy

If you’ve been online for any length of time I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “The Money is in The List”

Well, I’m here to tell you it IS’NT!

Now I know what I’ve just said could be quite controversial, because as a newbie you’ve probably been told by many of the so-called “Goo-Roos” to build an email list and you will make money!

What a load of bull****

Here’s the real truth. “The Money is NOT in your list, the Money is in the relationship you have with your list”

So to be able to ‘monetize’ your list you have to have a relationship with your list. You have to have what your subscribers want, you have to provide value to your subscribers and solutions to their pain!


5 Important Things To Know About when Building a Business Online

The 5 Important Things to Know About When Building a Business Online

Now, as part of your list building strategy, there are a couple of things you will need from the start:

a. Autoresponder Software: This will enable you to collect email addresses. You can build a relationship with your prospects via email so that they come to know, like and trust you. I use AWEBER for this. Click on the banner below to check out their trial offer.

How to Create an Email Newsletter

b. Something Free To Give Away: This is something of value to offer a new prospect in return for their name and email address.

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3. Use A Proven Marketing Funnel

Firstly, let me show you what a basic Marketing Funnel looks like and then briefly explain how it should work:

The 5 Important Things to Know About When Building a Business Online

If you take a look at the diagram above you will see that a Marketing Funnel works in a particular way. I’ll now endeavour to take you through each of the segments:

  1. You send targeted traffic into the top of the funnel
  2. The traffic is directed to your Lead Capture Page (Like This One)
  3. You give something of value away in exchange for the visitor’s name and email address
  4. Your lead has now become a subscriber
  5. You now send emails to your leads/subscribers providing MORE value and promoting your products and opportunities on a DAILY basis

Once you have a subscriber, your job is to convert them into a buyer by developing your relationship with them through daily informative, educational and even humorous emails, so that they are willing to make that important first buying decision.

The first purchase is usually a product between $20 to $100. Then as your prospects learn more about you and your products they move ‘through the funnel’. The logic of a funnel suggests that as products get more involved and expensive, less people will buy them.

You’ll find that customers qualify themselves as they move through the funnel. Some of your prospects will go all the way through, many will not. But as you build your own online business, the money and profit will most likely come from a small number of customers that buy your higher level products.

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clickbank university

4. Master Paid And Free Traffic Strategies

It’s obvious to say that traffic is the lifeblood of ALL online businesses. However it still surprises me to this day that many online businesses simply DO NOT take the time to get good at traffic generation!

Note here I said GET GOOD not become a MASTER!

The problem is that most marketers try and get good with many traffic generation methods at once instead of concentrating on one method at a time. This of course means MASSIVE OVERWHELM for most which in turn leads to failure for many. So my message to you today, is to find a traffic method which works for you, get good at it by producing consistent results, then move onto the next method.

But traffic is nothing without conversion. Driving traffic to your website is fine, but if people are not joining your list or buying your products, what have you really achieved?

There is free traffic and paid traffic. Free traffic for online businesses generally comes from the likes of social media, search engine optimization, video marketing and blogging.

Paid traffic includes pay per click advertising, banner advertising, social media advertising, ezine advertising and solo ads. My preferred method is using Ezine Advertising Combined With Solo-ads.

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5. Get Access To A Community With The Right Mindset

One of the challenges when you build your own online business is that most people seem to have an ’employee mindset’. They’re used to being told what to do, how to do it and when it has to be done for. It takes effort and work to become an online entrepreneur which certainly in the beginning can mean frustration and isolation!

When you’re building an online business you might not have the support from your partner or family that you would want. That’s why it’s important to seek out like-minded entrepreneurs who can give you the support and motivation to help you succeed.

So that’s it for this blog post, I hope you find some value in it and you make use of  The 5 Important Things To Know About when Building a Business Online, because if you do you will be well on the way to building you very own online business.

All the best


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