How to Focus on the Positive.

How to Focus on the Positive

Focus on the Positive

The Law of attraction doesn’t filter out the information we provide. It doesn’t decide what is better for us either, as we have free will ( one of the traits that distinguishes us from animals ) WE decide where we want to focus our energy on, the Universe simply reflects it back.

So if we focus our attention on something , whether it be positive or negative , the Universe responds with more of it.

So you can see the importance therefore, of focusing on what you WANT , and not on what you DON’T want. State your desires in a positive way. Your mind works in pictures, so if you say ” I don’t want to be mad ” you are creating the picture and the vibration of being “mad”.

The universe only receives the frequency of “mad” and using the law of attraction principles simply responds to that. You simply MUST focus on the opposite of what you don’t want. In this case, it would be a better choice to say “I want to be more loving and accepting of the way things are”.

How to Focus on the Positive

Focus on the Positive

Basically, it is imperative that you avoid sending any mixed messages to the universe. They will block your ability to attract and manifest in a powerful way. Make this simple change in your life. Make a conscious effort to guard your thoughts, and the things you speak about.

Avoid ANY negative thoughts or speaking in a negative way about yourself or others. Avoid subjecting yourself, your thoughts, and your emotions to the negative people and negative influences in your life.

Be aware that negativity can be very insidious, it sneaks into our lives, often without us even being aware of it’s presence, through the evening news and the daily newspaper. We have become immune to our daily doses of War, Crime, Violence and Corruption. Make a stand for yourself here, refuse to give ANY attention to negativity, refuse to focus ANY of your energy on it, stop talking about it, stop reading about it.

Focus ONLY on the things that you want to attract more of.  Remember, where your attention goes, your energy flows.

Really, it is not a surprise that most people have a tendency to focus on the negative, without really meaning to do so, it simply means that you have slipped into a bad habit, to get into a good habit, it is simply a case of remembering to focus ONLY on what you want.

But you must do this not only with your internal thoughts and feelings, but also in your communication to others. Try to avoid the use of any limiting or negative language. Every single thought you have, and every word you speak, sends a message to the universe.

You are continually placing your order for your future life experiences. You must become aware of what you are thinking EVERY minute and replace your negativity with positivity.

Once you begin this process of guarding your thoughts and actions by practicing every day, it will soon become a habit and you WILL be focusing your energy on what you want, ALL of the time.

How to Focus on the Positive

Focus on the Positive

Think about this for a moment, if you tell somebody “Don’t knock that cup over, you might spill your drink”, what do you think the image is that pops into their mind ( and yours by the way ), that’s right, a vision of the cup falling over and the drink being spilt, is created in their mind.

You need to avoid originating the thought, the picture and the energy vibration of the thing you don’t want, and ALWAYS stay focused only on the thoughts and images that are completely in harmony with what you DO want to create in your life. By doing so, you will also avoid implanting any negative images about what you DON’T want in the minds of others…… AND in the universal mind.

We have a tendency to focus on what we DON’T want in so many areas. Think of how often, when faced with an illness or disease we become completely wrapped up in the problem and NOT the desired result.

We tend to give our focus to the illness, instead of focusing on being well. Since what you focus on expands, you want to direct your energy and thoughts of being WELL. Keep your thoughts positive and optimistic, and visualize yourself as being healthy.

Your positive energy, thoughts, visualizations, affirmations, prayer and meditation combined with whatever medical help you choose, will serve to enhance the healing process.

Start paying attention to WHERE your thoughts are going!. You will be constantly surprised at just how often you think, speak and act with you focus inadvertently on the opposite of what you really want.

Remember, you are always attracting something, so stop attracting what you DON’T want, focus on the positive and start attracting what you DO want. Make sure your attention is only on those things that are worthy of it and that are in direct alignment with your dreams and goals.

Focus on the good within yourself and others. Focus on the light and the beauty in your life.

To Your Awesome Success.

P.S. The Law of Attraction is Always Working Whether You Believe in it or NOT. So Why Not Learn to Use it in a Positive Way and Change Your Life.

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    Hey Jon,

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