7 Easy Steps to Get More Traffic to Your Online Business

7 Easy Steps to Get More Traffic to Your Online Business

7 Steps for More Traffic to Your Online Business

If you have a capture page, blog or some other website and you know that even the best website in the world is no good if nobody ever visits!

Then you can probably relate to the fact that its almost like having a great hotel in the middle of the desert…

If no one ever sees it…

….if it never gets any “traffic” its not going to be any good, no matter how amazing it may be.

So in this blog post today I would like to show you some very simple steps that you can implement immediately to drive more traffic and get more targeted prospects visiting your online business.

So read on…

7 Easy Steps to Get More Traffic to Your Online Business

Step No 1. Build Your email List.

This is number 1 on my list for a very good reason! Because without an email list you have nothing.

There I’ve said it.

If you want to build a successful business online and your not putting a massive emphasis on building your own email list, then I’m afraid you are living in a fantasy world, and the quicker you can come back to reality, and start doing what every top marketer is doing, the quicker you will achieve the success you are looking for.

But do you know what I think is the REALLY cool thing about building an email list, it is because in the online world an email list is THE ONLY “real” asset that you own if you are building an online business, because it is the traffic that you “own.” Build the asset once and you can get traffic over and over again.

Step No 2. Post Your content to BetterNetworker.com

BetterNetworker is like the Facebook of online business owners. I have been a member since I started my online business way back in 2010. Its a great way to connect with other online business owners and there are tons of options available to you within the community, to help grow your business.

All you do is simply submit your content (which takes about 5 minutes) and you can get it seen by their community of other online business owners and entrepreneurs.

Step No 3. Create a free account with Udimi.com

Similar to BetterNetworker, Udimi is a community of advertisers.  People who want to buy advertising and people who want to sell it.

Its a great way to drive super targeted, dirt cheap traffic to your website or offer. In fact, I know one of my students recently learnt this strategy and within a few days of implementation and action taking generated over 250 into his business.

Step No 4. Post Your content to StumbleUpon.com

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site to index your content but it is also a community of “people” who create and share their content.

So posting your content here (which you have already created anyway) will help your search engine visibility, and if your creating content anyway, then it makes sense to obtain as much exposure as possible, especially when you consider that posting to Stumbleupon actually takes around an extra 5 seconds or so on average.

7 Easy Steps to Get More Traffic to Your Online Business

7 Steps for More Traffic to Your Online Business

Step No 5. Ask Your Readers to Share Your Content.

Recent online studies about the viral effect of social media have shown that Tweets on Twitter get shared up to 60-70% more often when you include the words, “please re-tweet” in front of your Twitter message.

Imagine therefore, how much viral traffic you could get to a blog post or website when 10,20,30,40,50 or even 100 people are sharing your links around Twitter simply because you asked them to.

Step No 6. Create Your Own Private Facebook Group.

Instead of simply posting to a whole load of groups on Facebook, why not become the leader and create your own, built around your blog or brand.

Invite your friends and associates here making sure that a link to your Website is contained in a dominant position (so it can be easily seen and therefore clicked)
in the group description.

You want it positioned in such a way so that when new members join it is one of the first things, if not THE first thing, that they see. This will then also provide you with a growing audience to share your content with on a daily basis.

Step No 7. You MUST Engage With Your Followers and Friends.

Right, get this! You can go to Fiverr.com RIGHT NOW! and buy thousands of Facebook fans, most of which will NEVER engage with you.

Now, I learned (and I am still learning) the hard way that simply having a large social
media following, won’t do you any good at all if they are not engaging with you. I suppose
you could liken it to having an expert brand that no one ever sees.

When your followers/audience are engaged because you are sharing content and information that they find valuable and relevant, they will be more likely to click on a link to your website or content when you share it with them.

On the other hand if you are too “self promotional” even if you share your own valuable content, they will ignore it, and you will be wasting your time.

So that’s it for this blog post 7 Easy Steps to Get More Traffic to Your Online Business, except to say that the 7 steps I have shared above really do work, but ONLY if you take action and implement them into YOUR online business.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it of some value. Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

All the best

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