6 Simple Ideas to Help You Grow Your List By Using a Lead Magnet

6 Simple Ideas to Help You Grow Your List By Using a Lead Magnet

How to to Grow Your List Using a Lead Magnet

These days it’s simply not enough to put an opt-in form on your Website, and hope people will leave you their email address.

Most people are becoming increasingly protective of their inboxes, and generally more resistant to giving out their email address. However, if you offer something of REAL value to your target market, then this changes.

When you offer something to your prospective subscriber with enough perceived value, they can become only too eager to give you their email address in exchange.

So what do you give in exchange for somebody’s email address?

Well, this is called a “Lead Magnet“and they come in all shapes and sizes.

But as a successful business, you’ll probably find it beneficial to have many lead magnets and opt-in pages in order to be able to attract the different types of people, (who all exist in your marketplace), into your business.

However, what constitutes a valuable lead magnet to one subscriber, may not of course be valued by another, despite both subscribers being a good fit for your business.

So what are the different types of lead magnet you can offer? Here are 6 simple ideas to help you get started.

6 Simple Ideas to Help You Grow Your List By Using a Lead Magnet

How to to Grow Your List Using a Lead Magnet

1. A Free Report:

A report can sometimes be labelled as an ebook, but generally is a lot shorter and quite often more specific.

It is almost always in PDF format, whereas an ebook may come in various formats.

However it’s definitely worth testing for your market, as you may find offering a report instead of an ebook achieves higher conversion rates, but even this can be largely a choice of the language you use when offering the lead magnet in the first place.

But reports certainly can be seen as more accessible and easier to digest than an ebook, and require less commitment from the potential subscriber when they are just beginning a relationship with you.

2. Ebook:

Most marketers who have never written or compiled an ebook, believe it is too difficult and time consuming, however there are a number of tricks and techniques you can use to produce a quality ebook which you can give away as a lead magnet.

For example, you can try compiling different blog posts together, tools like Papyrus offer to do this with only a single click.

Or you can convert other types of content, such as a training course that can be converted into ebook format.

Try liber.io to create ebooks from content you may have on Google Drive or Dropbox. You can of-course work it the other way around, as once created, an ebook can form the basis of future blog posts, videos, podcasts etc.

You could even add more value by including some additional content – such as a video training series – and then offer it as a course.

Finally, for your subscribers, you can take the content from the ebook to form the basis of your follow-up messages which you can then use to build your relationship with them.

3. Resource Guide:

A resource guide provides a list of resources relevant to a particular topic or niche, and again would usually be provided in PDF format.

It can be as short as a single page, but can also be longer. It offers value to your prospect as it saves a lot of market research time.

Some examples of resource guides in different niches or markets:

  • For bloggers, a list of web sites they can use to obtain quality free images.
  • For Media buyers, a list of quality high traffic websites and businesses on which they can advertise.
  • For online business owners, a list of essential recommended services such as hosting and autoresponder providers.
  • For Network Marketers, a list of quality reliable lead generation strategies.

6 Simple Ideas to Help You Grow Your List By Using a Lead Magnet

How to to Grow Your List Using a Lead Magnet

4. Video:

Videos can offer an incredible amount of perceived value for your potential prospects, as they are easily digested, usually immediately accessible, and if done correctly should contain information that is unique to you and your business and is not available anywhere else.

It doesn’t have to be a single video either. It could be a series of videos, with the first immediately available, and then others sent to the prospect via email, over the next few days or weeks.

Here are some examples of how videos should be used as a lead magnet:

  • A webinar recording.
  • A video of a presentation at a conference or seminar.
  • A tutorial of how to do something, (relevant to your niche of course):
  • How to use a piece of software, How to set up Facebook ads, How to do PPC with Bing, etc.

There’s no reason why it can’t be a video that’s already available on YouTube either. Don’t think for one minute that you have to hide it away somewhere for it to have value, as it’s unlikely they would have found it anyway.

5. Cheat Sheet:

Cheat sheets are usually supplied as a single page with information on a particularly specific topic and niche in PDF format.

Cheat sheets can allow you to be extremely targeted with your marketing to a very specific part of your target market by offering immediately digestible, relevant and useful information.

Here are some examples of cheat sheets which could be used in different markets:

  • Aimed at web masters and web designers, a cheat sheet on when to use JPEG, GIF and PNG images.
  • For new dog owners, a cheat sheet on how to quickly house train your puppy.
  • In the fitness niche, a cheat sheet providing a training schedule for building endurance in preparation for long distance.
  • For photography enthusiasts a cheat sheet listing camera lens and filter types, providing information and descriptions on usage and when to use.

How to to Grow Your List Using a Lead Magnet – 6 Simple Ideas

How to to Grow Your List Using a Lead Magnet

6. Mindmap:

A mindmap is very similar and is almost a visual version of a cheat sheet. Usually downloadable as a single PDF, it helps a person understand a process, strategy or solution in visual form.

For example, a mindmap could help someone:

  • Understand and follow a Sales Funnel process.
  • Sell on eBay for the first time.
  • Understand the different social media networks and what to do on each.
  • Use lead generation software.

So that’s it, six popular lead magnet types or formats, but this is far from an exhaustive list.

Use your imagination, test different approaches to find out what best suits your own marketplace and works best for your business.

All the best

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